Money Isn’t For Materials or Experiences

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The materialistic aspects, habits, and ways of thinking that have been ingrained in our society, well, it’s all convenient and fun, but it’s not the true purpose of our monetary resources. It’s also a meaningless and empty pursuit.

The cars, homes, tech gadgets, fashion, luxury services, and even the extravagant experiences are memorable, fun, and easy to invest our money in, but the true purpose of money is to create enough freedom in our lives to focus on our purpose, take care of our loved ones, and give back to society in whatever way touches our heart (which often comes through our purpose).

Minimalism Keeps Things In Perspective

I consider myself a hybrid minimalist because I definitely have stuff in my home, and my residence is not entirely bare. However, to the average person, I probably have very little, and this is because I learned very early in life that things and materials never can bring happiness.

Moreover, they can weigh you down and keep you in places you rather not be. The hassle of collecting stuff affects not only your physical space but also your mental clarity. The less you carry, the more you can embrace your most fulfilling life. When you’re not focused on things and accumulation, you can invest more time and energy into what truly matters…

Giving Is The Secret

Believe it or not, giving is the best way to build long-term wealth. The reason is that the universe always finds a way to reciprocate to givers. It always comes back multiple times over.

Who Are You With Wealth?

When you’re broke or in need, you may not be spending most of your time thinking about the well-being of others; I mean, you might if you’re a unicorn, but most people's thoughts during these times are selfish in nature. But as your situation improves…

Riches reveal who a person is. As you gain more income, resources, and opportunities, are you sharing and spreading your wealth, or are you stuck in a stingy mindset?

What is the best way to build wealth? Through generosity. Every step I took to increase my income, my generosity increased. Always. Was it always easy and convenient? No. Giving is not supposed to be convenient, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Better to learn to give when you have less than when you have more.

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