Missed out on Otherdeed? Here are 7 other virtual land projects to own

  1. What can you do?
  2. How do you make money?
  3. Who should invest?
  4. What can you do?
  5. How do you make money?
  6. Who should invest?
  7. What can you do?
  8. How do you make money?
  9. Who should invest
  10. What can you do?
  11. How do you make money?
  12. Who should invest?
  13. What can you do?
  14. How do you make money?
  15. Who should invest?
  16. What can you do?
  17. How do you make money?
  18. Who should invest?
  19. What can you do?
  20. How do you make money?
  21. Who should invest?

Web3 materialized a mountain of lucrative investment opportunities out of thin air. Virtual land is one of them.

Countless virtual land companies promise to create new real estate markets in the metaverse. They allow you to buy land, develop it and sell it for a profit. But usually, “there’s more!”.

Every project offers several ways to make money, from trading virtual objects, to earning passive dividends, to good old advertising. And obviously selling virtual land NFTs.

You may have heard of The Sandbox, Decentraland, Otherside, or a couple other platforms that are all the rage. Plots of land may be already too expensive there.

Here are 7 other promising up-and-coming projects to watch if you want to buy virtual land. For each one I’ll describe:

  • the main features,
  • how it can make you money,
  • who should invest.


Superworld virtual land for sale

Superworld is a metaverse that replicates our planet. It’s based on a map of the surface of the Earth, divided into 100m x 100m plots.

What can you do?

You start buying one or more plots. Then, you can create 3D content and place it on them.

The unique thing about Superworld is its AR (Augmented Reality) mobile app. It allows users to see the content created in the metaverse superimposed on the real world.

Since the virtual world is mapped on the real Earth, the app can use the coordinates of the 3D objects to place them in the real world. Think of an experience similar to Pokemon Go.

On Medium: SuperWorld (superworldapp.com)

How do you make money?

As long as you own a plot of land, you can earn from the activities users carry out on it: transactions on digital goods, gaming, advertising, and events.

You can also sell your plots to make a profit. Land value follows the traditional rules of real estate.

At the time of writing, users can’t yet trade plots. But in the future, virtual land price will vary based on factors such as population, geographic relevance to events, and demographics.

Who should invest?

If you have real estate investment skills or want to train them in the metaverse, Super World seems the project for you.

The success of this project also depends on the adoption of mobile AR. If you trust it will become widespread, Super World is a good bet.


Superlocal mobile interface

Foursquare is a geolocalized and gamified social app. You can check-in in real places, get rewarded as a frequent visitor, get suggestions based on your interests, leave and read reviews, and so on.

Superlocal is the web3 version of Foursquare.

On Medium: Superlocal

What can you do?

Through the mobile app, you can visit a place (usually a local business), take a picture, register your check-in, and post your photo with a caption.

In the future, businesses will be able to add offers, and users to buy them.

How do you make money?

Good check-ins are rewarded with the $LOCAL token.

Superlocal tokenomics align incentives between users and business owners. The latter can offer discounts, products or services, even NFTs, in exchange for $LOCAL. So, the former are incentivized to earn them through quality check-ins and hold them, to spend them on future offers.

Such mechanics should allow a healthy economy, with limited speculation and a steady (possibly steadily increasing) $LOCAL token value.

In Superlocal you can also buy two kinds of NFTs: Localtrotters and Mayorship. Localtrotters are your digital avatars. They guarantee you 5% more $LOCAL token rewards and early access to future NFTs.

Mayorship NFTs are Superlocal’s virtual land NFT: 1 of 1 geolocalized NFTs, representing real-world locations in Superlocal. When you buy one of them, you “own” that location in the metaverse. This way, you earn $LOCAL passively when people check in. Obviously, you can also trade them. It’s not clear how their value will fluctuate.

Who should invest?

If you travel frequently or regularly visit always new local businesses, Superlocal is an opportunity to monetize activities you are already doing and enjoying.

Superlocal localtrotter

Buy a Localtrotter if:

  • you know and frequent businesses that are already using Superlocal,
  • trust that many new businesses will use it,
  • you often travel.

The earning potential for Mayorship NFTs instead depends mainly on the amount of traffic they are getting in the real world.


Upland virtual land game

Similar to SuperWorld, Upland lets you buy virtual land mapped to real addresses.

It’s built on an unusual blockchain: the EOS blockchain. It should allow for low gas fees and quick transactions.

On Medium: Upland

What can you do?

As I write, Upland is still in open beta. For now, it’s mostly a real estate strategy game. The main goal of most users is to buy properties, earn tokens from them and sell for a profit.

You can also participate in treasure hunts and compete in live events. This way you earn $UPX tokens that can be used to buy properties or other in-game assets.

A recent feature allows also to develop properties. Players can build 3D homes represented by NFTs on the EOS blockchain.

How do you make money?

To buy virtual land for sale in Upland, you spend the UPX utility token. You can convert fiat money to UPX tokens or earn them by holding a property.

To earn fiat money from the game, you need to sell your properties as NFTs. In the future, Upland will allow you to sell other kinds of NFTs minted inside the metaverse.

So, how do you buy low and sell high? How do you increase the value of your properties?

First of all, all the rules from the real world apply. Virtual land price is heavily influenced by its location.

Developing a property also raises its value. Buildings are NFTs, they are attached to the property and transferred with it in the trade.

Who should invest

If you always dreamed to be a real estate tycoon, Upland is your sandbox. You can hunt for the best properties, develop them, earn the equivalent of rent, and set your price for selling.

Everything without walking away from your PC.

Earth 2

Buy virtual land in Earth 2

Earth 2 wants to replicate the Earth in the metaverse. It’s very similar to Superworld, but without the AR features.

What can you do?

The project is in an early phase. You can choose where to buy virtual land selecting from the world map.

You can also build on your property, directly drawing the blueprint for your buildings on the map.

You also need to create special buildings that gather and transform resources. You can spend them to develop your land.

How do you make money?

In Upland you can sell your virtual land NFT for fiat money. The actions that increase its value resemble what you usually do in strategy games like Sim City: create special buildings to gather and transform resources, develop the property spending resources.

You can also sell your avatar and open Metaventures. The latter are virtual businesses that allow you to trade digital assets.

Who should invest?

Earth 2 is still in open beta. A small number of features has been implemented. For now, it’s an opportunity to play a city-building game and make real money.

It also provides a referral system to earn commissions when you bring new users.


Cryptovoxels metaverse

Cryptovoxels is a fictional world with voxel-style graphics. It’s aimed more at creative people wanting to shape the metaverse and show or trade digital creations.

What can you do?

Cryptovoxels is based on the Minecraft code. You can navigate the metaverse as any 3D game, from within your browser. You can modify the environment however you like.

You can also:

  • set up exhibits to show digital creations you bought or created,
  • play games,
  • meet other player avatars and chat with them,
  • trade assets and land via OpenSea,
  • buy and sell NFTs in-game.

How do you make money?

The land in Cryptovoxels is divided into parcels. You can buy them with WETH (you can convert from ETH to WETH on OpenSea).

Several factors influence a parcel’s value:

  • size,
  • traffic,
  • buildings,
  • neighborhood.

But you can also make money buy selling in-game NFTs through OpenSea or renting your land.

Who should invest?

If you love Minecraft and always dreamed of making money from your world-building skills, Cryptovoxels is for you.

In general, this is the metaverse for digital visual creatives. Its integration with OpenSea seems perfect for artists who want to sell their work as NFTs.

Somnium Space

Somnium space VR metaverse

Somnium space is a VR-first, cross-platform fictional metaverse.

On Medium: Somnium Space

What can you do?

As usual, you can buy land and build on it. Somnium Space has its own dedicated client. You can use it to explore the world but also to add your own buildings and items.

The client is available both for Windows and the Oculus Quest. But you can also navigate the virtual world in your browser.

A peculiarity of this project is the “live forever” feature. As you interact with the application, it gathers tracks your actions. It will be used to spawn an avatar able to replicate your behavior. This way will live forever in the metaverse.

How do you make money?

Somnium Space’s FAQ hints at a future abundant digital economy. You will be able to:

  • show ads that track gaze, engagement, and conversion rate,
  • sell tokenized digital assets,
  • stream from your virtual studio,
  • create a virtual store to sell 3D items you created or imported into the VR world,
  • earn playing games,
  • showcase and sell your art,
  • mint and trade NFTs within the VR world.

For now, you can just buy and sell virtual land parcels and virtual objects as NFTs. Land value is determined by the seller, based on what was built on it and its popularity.

You can also buy the proprietary CUBE token on many crypto exchanges. It’s the in-game currency that facilitates transactions. Through the exchanges, you can turn fiat or crypto into CUBE and back.

Who should invest?

This platform is trying to build a VR world alternative to the real world. Something similar to the metaverse in Ready Player One. It’s a good investment if you see people spending a significant part of their lives immersed in a fictitious world in the future.

But beware, most of the features related to monetization haven’t yet been developed. It’s a risky bet.


Buy virtual land on Metablox

Metablox is building a bond between the metaverse and the physical world, to preserve humanity’s most important memories on the blockchain.

What can you do?

This project stands out from the pack. On the surface, it could resemble Superworld: the user interface shows a map of the real world, divided into parcels called Blox. They can be bought and sold.

But Metablox has a higher purpose. Blox aren’t just speculation tools. They are “containers” for memories.

Anyone can add a Memory represented by an image with a caption and root it to the Blox where the event took place. Blox owners can curate the best memories. Once added, they live forever on the blockchain.

Other actions available in the future:

  • reacting to memories with Memory Marks,
  • buying landmarks through auctions,
  • hosting NFTs,
  • aesthetic property improvements.

How do you make money?

Metablox gamification is complex. You can read the rules in their detailed whitepaper.

The main way to make money is to buy a Blox (a virtual land NFT) and then flip it for a profit. But what affects virtual land price?

A Blox has a predetermined Tier, based on its location, that doesn’t change. It determines its base price. As more and more Blox in a city are sold, scarcity increases, and so do prices.

Each Blox also has a level. It can be increased through several actions like rooting memories and adding Memory Marks.

So, adding or curating good memories is the best way to increase the value of a Blox you own.

You can also earn the Metablox Coin in several ways:

  • every time a Blox you minted is traded, you earn a percentage of the fee charged by the platform,
  • when you level up a Blox, you get a fixed amount of coins, based on the traits of the Blox,
  • landmarks you own generate coins weekly.

Who should invest?

Metablox is a complex platform. To get the most from your investment, you need to study the whitepaper and actively engage.

Compared to many other virtual land projects, the roadmap seems more reasonable. So far the team has been able to deliver on time while keeping the community constantly updated. For these reasons, it seems a safer investment.

Finally, Metablox is not just for speculators. They are one of the few virtual land projects with a mission: “to preserve humanity’s most important memories”.

So, this is the platform to choose if you want to invest with a purpose.

Join the Metablox Discord. Follow Metablox on Twitter.

The content of this webpage is not investment advice and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to offer or recommendation of any investment product. It is for general purposes only and does not take into account your individual needs, investment objectives, and specific financial circumstances.