Minestal (Technical, Analytics, Cryptology, Layer Switch, 2FA, Data, System)


First of all, I would like to present the software with a nice analogy. (I will quote.)

People often conflate computer science and writing software. They are related, but quite different animals. Writing software is not just the application of computer science any more than writing a symphony is just the application of acoustics.

Like acoustics describes the physics of sound, computer science describes the mathematics of algorithms. It describes how and why a bubble sort is far less efficient than a heap sort. This is not to say that software engineers don’t need to understand the fundamentals of computer science, they most certainly do. Imagine a composer who didn’t know what sounds his instruments made. Could they create some music? Maybe. Could they be great? Probably not.

Software as a symphony

A composer has a fixed set of instruments that are capable of making a fixed range of sounds. They choose which instruments come in, which stay out, which become the focus and which become the background. In doing so they turn noise into something elegant and emotionally evocative.

Writing software, when done properly, also has this same properties. Our instruments are the algorithms. We play them on the disk, the network, and the screen. Their combinations and permutations in the hands of an engineer can be made to focus on raw speed, size or time constraints, or creating something visually delightful. Even if you’re not an engineer, the ultimate result can be equally elegant and emotionally evocative.

Minestal’s background operation and map to follow.

There are reports that messaging programs that are actively used today will start showing ads in users’ statuses and other places within the app. What this means is that Messaging programs will start monitoring everything you do on your phone to tailor the ads to you. They will see your contact list (in fact, they already are). This is a clear betrayal for many users. But for some of us who are (sort of) paranoid about online security and privacy, this poses big problems. Minestal, on the other hand, will not adapt advertisements for users using the application like other programs. So don’t watch everything you do.

Minestal has apps for almost all your devices, Android, iOS, web, Windows Phone, Mac, PC, and even Linux. So no matter what device or desktop environment you use, you’re covered. Similar to others, messages on Minestal are encrypted end-to-end. And the service also claims that:

‘Minestal delivers messages faster than any other application.’

Other service apps have something called Secret Chat and your messages are not fully encrypted unless you start your chat in this mode. So you should keep this in mind. Minestal will prove the importance it attaches to the safety of users by eliminating this problem.

The service’s servers are spread across the globe, which means that the messages could, in theory, be delivered to the recipients faster, as the actual physical distance from the mobile device to the server could be less compared to other services.

One feature that sets Minestal apart from other instant messaging services is that Minestal has a much higher limit on the size of files you can share on the service (3GB) compared to other service apps.

Minestal also features messages that self-destruct after a set amount of time. This means you can easily send messages to people that wouldn’t be available after a certain amount of time.

We increased business agility with API and Cloud Application Integration.

Build Intelligent Processes

Provide flexibility, continuity and efficiency for you and/or your project through smart operations.

Monitor and Manage

Democratize integration with technology by enabling self-service for yourself and/or your project integrators.

Scale Elastic

Easily scale or downsize to meet your workloads without impacting performance.

Keep Everything Safe

It covers all your use cases and models, including real-time integration, process orchestration and management.

Statistics: Working with data you know allows you to apply statistical methods, and designing posts that communicate and teach concepts helps you build your own understanding.

Application functionality learning: There’s a big difference between using a predictive algorithm once and using it for a variety of problems, between understanding why you would prefer one over the other.

Visualization: Having an audience for your graphics encourages you to start polishing them and building your personal style.

Communication: You gain writing experience and practice structuring a data-driven argument. This is probably the most relevant skill Minestal has developed as it is difficult to practice elsewhere and is an essential part of any data science career.

The results we can give about Minestal from this blog;


Minestal Platform extracts the essential facts in context and presents them in a variety of comprehensible formats to unlock relevant, insightful and actionable intelligence with precision, at scale.


Gain a comprehensive view of historic and incoming information so you can maintain a dynamic understanding in an ever-changing information environment. Make better, faster and more confident decisions.

Completeness of Resources

You will be able to explore all available sources of information on a single platform where internal data is combined and enriched with open source intelligence.

Timeliness of Delivery

Real-time and continuous monitoring of information enables you to respond to fast-moving developments and gain a first-mover advantage.

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