Metavest x Lytera Live AMA: Highlights

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On April 27, Metavest had a Live AMA event with Lytera that has been held on Twitter Spaces. Here, we gathered some highlights from the event for those who have not been able to attend during that period.

Notable Mentions from the Event

  • There’s a great potential in crypto as the volume is still relatively low.
  • Metavest is planning to release its app’s private beta version during the early days of May and is going to work on making it public as soon as it is ready.
  • The numbers on the waitlist for the private beta have exceeded thousands so far with constant daily growth for the past month.
  • The Referral Campaign has been going great so far for Metavest. It’s been stated that there are going to be exciting rewards for the participants at the end.
  • Details about a potential airdrop are not certain yet. It should be better to talk about an Airdrop at a later point.
  • Metavest differs from other exchange platforms in terms of its main focus. While most of the other platforms mainly focus on brokerage or derivative trading, Metavest decided to keep its focus on a fixed income and new crypto finance tools.
  • Metavest decided to build its corporate value on its utility token rather than the company’s shares.
  • For the token part, Metavest will be using a 40% Buyback & Burn mechanism to create a deflationary effect. The utility token MVST will provide its holders better rates and less fees.
  • A public token sale has been planned for June which is going to be on the app’s platform utility token, MVST. Before the public sale, the Metavest team wants the community to try and experience the app. They have been working towards this goal for day-and-night.
  • People can easily trust banks since they are being regulated. Metavest wants custody to get to a level where people can manage it. Yes, the opportunities available in DeFi are great, but often they are hard to reach for many individuals. Metavest believes that there should be a bridge between DeFi and the real world, which is something that they are going to speed up this shift.
  • There will also be some financial audits to increase the trust in Metavest.
  • Metavest has been working with various advisors and using the best practices to keep the service up-to-date in terms of the latest security systems for both external and internal threats.
  • It carries great importance to define who has access to what for Metavest and to be auditable to create a trustworthy and secure environment.
  • Nowadays, many banks and companies are regularly audited by third-party audit establishments to create their own financial reports that provide an insight to their customers and prove that they have been honest about their financial status. Metavest is also planning to publish its first financial audit done by a third party in the third quarter of 2022, during the summer days.
  • Since we know the blockchain world better nowadays, some systems are known as “asset custody systems” have been developed during this process that help you keep your assets safe. These systems help their users to protect their private keys and assets during an incident of hacking and prevent the hackers from reaching the keys and the most of the funds.
  • Metavest’s security system is also being built around this kind of system to create the most possibly secure environment for their users.
  • There are also some important certifications in the industry like ISO-27001, which is what Metavest has been working towards getting certified.
  • Even during the times when the return rates in DeFi are low, Metavest believes that it will be possible to provide their community stable returns using some other financial tools such as arbitrage funds.

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