METAVERSE : What’s Hype All About? Is it the Next Step in Internet Modernization or Not?



Many of us recall science fiction movies such as ‘Minority Report’. However, the truth is that technology is now totally integrated into our daily life. Video games, medicine, and education are only a few examples. Virtual reality isn’t going away anytime soon.

But what precisely is it? It enables us to involve ourselves in online games as if we were one of the players, learn how to do major surgery, or enhance the quality of physical training in order to achieve maximum performance. But what is Augmented Reality?

Our own surroundings become the foundation within which objects, images, and other media are inserted into augmented reality. What we see is in a real environment, so wearing a headset may not be strictly necessary. Pokémon Go is the clearest and most well-known example of this principle. The question here is, is it possible to combine these two? What concept would it be if it were possible? Is there any effect on our teaching right now? So Metaverse is the answer.


The metaverse is the fusion of two long-standing concepts: virtual reality and digital second life.

It’s a future network evolution centered on shared, continuous virtual environments where individuals communicate as 3D avatars. For decades, software developers have envisioned a time when our digital lives are just as important as our real-life ones. In theory, we’d spend plenty of time communicating with our friends and colleagues in a virtual world. As an outcome, we’d spend money on costumes and other stuff for our virtual avatars there as well.

Virtual reality is a computing platform that allows people to live a second life online throughout the metaverse using a headset that actively involves you in a multi-environment is what virtual reality is all about. Haptic tools are used to interact with virtual items and converse with others using a microphone.

According to Mathew Ball after main frame systems, personal computing, and mobile computing, the metaverse constituted the modern movement of computing. He described the metaverse as “going towards what some term ubiquitous computing.” “Rather than accessing the computer, it’s about being within the computer.” It’s about being online rather than having access to the internet.”

What’s hype on this metaverse will be also built on Ethereum and Polygon.

According to Kevin O’Leary “If you’re willing to buy a Facebook, a Google or Microsoft, that’s all software. And the metaverse is just software, so I’m starting to take positions in some of these big platforms where the metaverse is going to live like in Polygon and HBAR and Ethereum.”

They said that the metaverse is thought to be the next step in the development of the internet. Gaming, online communities, and business meetings where people participate via a virtual replica or avatar of themselves are just a few examples of metaverse can do.


The internet is a huge network of computers, servers, and other electronic devices that connects billions of people across the world. Users can chat with one another, see and engage with sites, and purchase and sell products and services once they are online. The metaverse complements rather than competes with the internet. Users in the metaverse employ virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), social media, and digital currency to navigate a digital space that duplicates aspects of the physical world. People “surf” the internet, but they can also “live” in the metaverse to some extent.

Little by little metaverse would be in all virtual activities that we do online. Some games already embrace metaverse in their platform like in Fortnite. A multiplayer online shooter game that can be played on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. The average Fortnite user spends countless hours in the game, creating their own character and fighting and engaging with other players’ avatars. Players can also earn virtual currency, which they can use to buy clothing and other accessories for their avatars.

On Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described his company’s investment in the metaverse as a “fundamental shift” that was part of the new strategy for the social media giant to “bring the metaverse to life”. Metaverse would be in all things that we do in life, like in education, fitness, architecture, automotive, even in medical fields. So, let’s embrace and love our digital future in the virtual world.

Other things that you do on metaverse in the future are to build your network, Invest and do games like in NFT, and shop and do digital real estate tour.


The metaverse is the internet’s next era. It’s centered on things that you can do with your friends and colleagues. Using a new era of invent or tools, an exponential growth in creators are mixing and matching, integrating, and linking. It’ll take you to places you’ve never been before. And it’s fantastic. The term “metaverse” is all the rage these days, and everyone wants to know more about it. This virtual 3D environment has a lot of promise for creating incredible opportunities, but it also has a lot of risks. Our hopes are high, as are yours, as we wait to watch how the Metaverse develops and the world changes in the next years.