Meet Alpaca’s New VP of Ops & Finance — Ray Updyke

Ray Updyke, Alpaca VP Operations & Finance

Hey there!

I’m Ray, the new VP of Operations & Finance at Alpaca and I’m elated to join the herd. I came to Alpaca from Ampfield Management, an investment management firm, where I was the CFO and CCO. Before joining Ampfield, I worked at Jefferies Financial Group (the parent company of Jefferies) doing corporate financial planning and analysis — budgets, projections, and automation — and prior to that, I built my accounting ‘chops’ at ALPS Alternative Investment Services (now part of SS&C) where I did the financial reporting for numerous smaller hedge funds. I am a CPA, and I am also a CFA® charterholder. I will primarily be working on and leading Alpaca’s operation, compliance, and finance processes.

I joined Alpaca for a few reasons. First, we are investing in the more nascent and informationally inefficient pre-seed and seed stages of VC which is a good conduit to generating alpha and returns for our partners. Second, the team is incredibly diverse in experiences which has led to a broad industry exposure in the portfolio, though each investment has a core tech-enablement focus. Third, I have the opportunity to grow out Alpaca operationally which I consider as potentially the most fun and exciting part of my working journey. Finally, I get along with the team members and the herd — Ryan, David, Aubrie, Daniel, and Eric are great people who are empathetic partners and are very thoughtful in their investment approach. I just started at Alpaca this week and I’m already thankful to be involved in so many processes and workflows. I love wearing “multiple hats” so to speak, and Alpaca has given me a great opportunity to continue in my core competency which is scaling and bettering the operations, compliance, and finance functions of a business.

I have been in the hedge fund & investment management industry for eight years (i.e., my entire working career), but VC is quite new to me. I’m excited to learn more about the space and the startups that we invest in and, equally, I’m inspired to keep honing my operational skills around Alpaca. I welcome any insights that you may have as I continue my journey.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Please feel free to reach out at [email protected]vc or on Twitter. You can also find me out and about in Hell’s Kitchen in New York as well.

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