LONDON — April 05, 2022 — DARTH, developer of the Defi 2.0

  1. LONDON — April 05, 2022 — DARTH, developer of the Defi 2.0 protocol, launches a revolutionary type of token staking with a strong fixed APY.

LONDON — April 05, 2022 — DARTH, developer of the Defi 2.0 protocol, launches a revolutionary type of token staking with a strong fixed APY.

DARTH developers have introduced the DARTH Auto staking Protocol (DAP), a Defi 2.0 protocol that offers perhaps the best suite of benefits for stakes in the industry.

DARTH Auto Staking Protocol (DAP) — Secure, Fast, APY Stays Highest

DAP provides token holders with simplicity, security and consistently high returns from their stakes. It is used in the darth token, giving it industry-first benefits: Easy and Safe Betting — DARTH tokens are always in your wallet, and you automatically receive rewards. No more complicated betting processes on other people’s websites.

Automatic Rebasing Benefits — You don’t have to worry about re-staking your tokens. Profits are rebasing which means they add up automatically, guaranteeing you never miss a payment.

Strong Fixed APY — The DARTH auto-staking protocol pays 383,000.00% annually, which is a consistent compound interest rate that is at the top of the Defi industry.

One of the attractive strong features about APY is that the balance will not grow linearly but exponentially over time. If the user starts with a darth balance of $1 on Day 1, after one year, the balance will increase to approximately $3,830 darth. This is often an attractive facility. DARTH provides a decentralized financial asset where investors are rewarded with strong and fast interest through the use of the patented DARTH protocol. The DARTH Auto-Staking Protocol can also be a financial protocol that makes staking easier and more efficient and provides stable crypto returns to $DARTH token holders. Darth features hard and fast APY in the 383,000% crypto space.

Decentralized finance or Defi caused a revolution in the financial industry. Crypto holders can lock or stake their tokens on the Defi website and receive interest rates that most find impossible. The tools that the Defi company uses to generate these high returns are financial algorithms and a token staking strategy called the protocol.

DARTH can also be a company focused on DeFi innovation that creates benefits and value for Darth token holders. In addition to automatic storage, the coin project will have a special wallet in the name of the coin where investors can store their coins safely from a central platform. As for the second plan, it will be a decentralized platform. The Auto Stake feature can also be an easy yet very sophisticated process called Buy-Hold-Grow, which provides $DARTH holders simple use and security.

Using the positive reformulation formula that Darth allows you to pay and distribute tokens directly every quarter hour of the entire amount of DARTH tokens in your wallet, this means that without erasing, transferring your tokens from your wallet, all Darth holders will receive an annual interest of 383,000 % of vehicles for the first year.

Defi 1.0 introduced a different version of this protocol which is now attracting billions of capital, and has built many of the best performing cryptocurrencies. The Defi 2.0 protocol promises token holders a greater level of simplicity and security and the best fixed returns from staking.

How does it work?

Very good project. I’m sure this project will have a lot of interest when it launches because this project has a solid team structure and very good project trust. I am sure that when it launches, there will be a lot of interest in this project because this project has a solid and reliable team structure. This project is one of the most creative and revolutionary of all! pleasures that I will be wary of. In my opinion, one of the best projects.

Most of us already know blockchain technology as the core foundation of the crypto ecosystem. The versatile features associated with this technology have led to the popularity of cryptocurrencies attracting not only a loyal user base but also institutional investors and large corporations. But blockchain is not limited to just cryptocurrencies, it can cause a paradigm shift in almost every industry related to information storage and data protection as it has the ability to decentralize operations without relying on any authority to control data.


Buy-Resist-Grow . Once you buy darth tokens and store them in your wallet, your tokens will increase automatically every quarter hour.

Almost Zero Risk with Insurance Funds. 5% of all trade transaction fees are allocated and insured in the Darth Insurance Fund which helps reduce downside risk, this can ensure the stability and validity of our protocol.

Simple and Safe Process. The method of registering darth tokens in your wallet is from the very beginning of your token purchase, there is no need to transfer tokens via the web from the moment you buy them, you start receiving profits.


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