“Lie Earning” Has Become A New Trend, A Quick Overview of 2022 Savings Stars


Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo announced at an online press conference on March 17 that after observing and evaluating the global and domestic economy, including external financial markets, currencies, financial system stability and payment systems, the Bank Indonesia Governing Council meeting ( RDG) decided to maintain the BI 7-day reverse repo rate (BI7DRRR) at 3.50%, the lending rate at 4.25%, and the deposit rate (FASBI) at 2.75%. In 2014, Bank Indonesia’s deposit rate was still 5.75%, a drop of 3% in 8 years.

According to Tradingeconomics data, the deposit rate has been on a downward trend in recent years, and has reached a record low this year.

Source of deposit rate data: Tradingeconomics.com, Bank Indonesia

The fall in interest rates can’t help but make ordinary investors suspicious and give preference to soundbank investments, but after a long-term downward trend in interest rates, how to achieve wealth preservation and appreciation under the adverse effects of changes in asset values caused by factors such as increased currency issuance and inflation is the urgent issue at hand.

The Way to Wealth Freedom — Money Management

Simply put, there are two ways to accumulate wealth, open source and cut costs. On the one hand, it’s important to reduce expenses. But with limited income, there is a limit to the amount of wealth that can be accumulated by saving, no matter how much expenses are reduced — especially when investors want to ensure the current quality of life. And increasing your income can be broadly divided into two ways. The first, looking for more work opportunities. A person has only 24 hours, and no matter how many jobs you get, you have very little time to work and earn money, except for the time you need to sleep. Not to mention that the employment environment, health consumption and other influencing factors have not been considered. Ultimately, it is the common man’s habitual thinking, peddling time for wealth, and this method cannot be discontinued. The second, money management, is to support money-consuming assets by generating money assets. Let the money work for the people, not the other way around. When investors face problems in life in addition to meeting their own life pursuits, but also the health and retirement of parents, children’s education issues, etc., money management has also become one of the necessary anti-risk capabilities.

In recent years, there is a very popular word on the Internet — income after sleep, which means that wealth can be automatically accumulated during a person’s rest time. The ideal state of this concept is that the automatically accumulated income can completely cover living expenses and leave a balance. Achieve the dual freedom of wealth and time.

Methods And Options For Managing Your Money

In the environment of factors such as the impact of the COVID-19 and the low employment rate, ordinary investors who want to become wealthy experts need to implement investment management strategies wisely, such as the rational allocation of personal and household assets.

Here are several investment and financing channels for reference:

1. Bank deposits: This is the most familiar and common way of managing money. But Indonesia’s deposit rate this year is around 2.75%, the lowest level on record.

2. Stocks: There are many types of stocks, and the market fluctuates greatly. Fixed income cannot be calculated. Investors need to have good investment experience and market sense. In addition, a fixed transaction fee is charged for stocks. Taking Indonesia Exchange as an example, the minimum transaction limit is 100 shares per lot, T+2 settlement, regular trading on working days, and closed on holidays. The brokerage commission is 0.35% (minimum 250,000IDR), and the total fee for other overseas transactions is about 0.15%.

3. Funds: Risks and returns are lower than stocks, which can be roughly divided into stock funds, bond funds, currency funds and hybrid funds. Among them, currency funds have extremely low risks and are suitable for novices, with an annualized rate of return of around 2%-3%. However, it is similar to bank deposits, and it also has a settlement time limit, so it does not have special advantages.

4. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular investment method in recent years in Indonesia, similar to stocks and funds. But the difference is that cryptocurrencies support 7*24 hours trading; real-time settlement; basically no minimum trading limit; transaction fees for each currency are extremely low, which varies according to different trading hours. Ordinary crypto asset exchanges only have regular buying and selling transactions, and only a few fully developed crypto asset exchanges have opened a saving section to support cryptocurrency wealth management investment.

The Most Comprehensive Financial Management Channels

The various financial management methods above can be classified into 6 advantages: 1. Low starting investment 2. Stable income 3. High income 4. Low risk 5. Settle at any time 6. Low handling fee.

After several days, the editor has compared various investment channels in the market and found that cryptocurrency financial products can have the above advantages at the same time.

Take Savings, a representative wealth management product of the AAX crypto asset exchange as an example (https://invest.aax.com/en-US/savings/).

Image source: aax.com

AAX Savings can be divided into two types: fixed and flexible.

Fixed Saving provides investments in nearly 200 cryptocurrencies, with APY ranging from 1.8% to 150%; Flexible saving provides investments in nearly 150 cryptocurrencies, with APY ranging from 0.7% to 6.35%.

Among them, fixed savings can be divided into three types: New Users Exclusive, Time-limited Offer and Stable saving.

“New Users Exclusive” offers nearly 30 benefit activities with a 7–14 day APY of 16%-80%, the Time-limited Offer provides nearly 20 benefit activities with a 7–30 day APY of 8%-150%, and the Stable saving provides nearly 150 benefit activities with a 7–360 day APY of 1.8%-20%.

Since its establishment in 2018, the AAX crypto asset exchange has been steadily rising for 4 years. In the increasingly competitive crypto asset market, AAX has won the trust and support of the majority of users with its unique wealth management products. More than 2 million registered users so far. AAX Saving integrates six advantages of wealth management products. Indonesian users can easily invest and manage their wealth by depositing through AWE. Wealth management requires sustained, planned effort, this is a path that is not easy but worth trying.