Liberty Update: May 2022

  1. Guild to Gaming Project to GameFi Organisation
  2. The New, Improved, Liberty Gaming
  3. The Liberty Token
  4. Strategic Partnerships
  5. Liberty Investors
  6. Liberty Investments
  7. We Started a Family
  8. What’s to Come

The Liberty Gaming community and project has grown so much at such lightning speed that I’m sure you, as well as us, are struggling to keep up with all the news! Well as of today, that’s gonna change, as I welcome you to the first edition of the Liberty Gaming monthly community update.

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There is so much to talk about since our last update this could go on forever, but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet and not miss anything!

What’s Been Happening

Let’s review our recent past events, both in terms of project development and community and network growth. In future editions this will only be a one month look back but we’ve got a bit more than that to revisit this time!

Development Milestones

Guild to Gaming Project to GameFi Organisation

I’ll begin this part by saying our community — our guild, scholars, fans, followers, members — is and always will be our lifeblood, without our community we are nothing.

Liberty Gaming (Liberty Gaming Guild at the time) began as a humble little gaming guild back in November 2021 with dreams and ambitions of reaching the stars and providing financial freedom for as many people as we can. Since that day, not only has our community exploded beyond our wildest dreams (75k Discord members in 6 months!), but the way in which our project has been received within the GameFi community has caused so much change and development in its direction. We are not just a guild any more!

The New, Improved, Liberty Gaming

Liberty Gaming has developed into a fully-fledged, multi-faceted gaming and GameFi organisation. We are now composed of a rapidly expanding gaming community, a growing network of investors, NFT & token funds being built by our team of expert investors and of course, our guild at our core. As you will see a little further down, the investment arm of Liberty Gaming have been hard at work, with a large number of incredible projects already added to our investment portfolio.

While I can’t say too much at this stage, we’re not stopping there, there’s huge news to come!

The Liberty Token

While we have not yet launched our token (it’s coming soon!), we do have the first official owners following our first native Liberty Token Airdrop back in March. We witnesses a phenomenal response, seeing over 60,000 entries in to the airdrop and some amazing growth in our community numbers.

There are currently 100 official owners of our token, but you won’t be waiting long until there are many more, with more competitions and airdrops coming and of course, our own IDO and token listing not too far away!

Partnerships and Growth

We have seen immense growth on four fronts given the new directions we are heading in, including strategic partnerships, investors, investments and a sister! This may take some time…..!

Strategic Partnerships

Let’s kick things off here with a huge one back in January, with none other than blockchain heavyweight, Polygon, or more specifically their creation studio, Polygon Studios, joining forces with us! Liberty have beeen brought in to assist with their metaverse and GameFi development, what an accolade! All the key details are here.

A couple of weeks later we shook hands with Crypto League, a crypto training and education platform, over an agreement. This represents great news for all of you knowledge-craving traders and investors out there, offering a fantastic platform and community to help you learn and improve. More info right here.

Next up we saw the coming together of guilds, as we joined forces with Meta Gaming Guild! Like us, MetaGG are striving to create a level playing field for all gamers in the play-to-earn space, and put their community above all else. We have so many common goals, it made sense to move forward and grow together as brothers-in-arms! Details here.

A new direction next, with pro ESports gamer, Aleksandr ‘Nix’ Levin coming to the Liberty party. Given Aleksandr’s huge following in the ESports world across his streaming channels, this collaboration grants Liberty Gaming exposure to a whole new audience of gamers. Find out more here.

And another new direction, and this one is huge! Elite Indonesian football club, PERSIB became a Liberty Gaming partner, in a first-of-its-kind guild / football club partnership. This was a huge stride forward in terms of exposure to the global gaming community, with south east Asia having a huge presence. Find out more.

Finally, another guild alliance was formed, this time with huge and still rapidly growing GameFi project, UniX Gaming. Much like our first alliance, the Liberty project and UniX have so many common goals in terms of creating play-to-earn opportunities for gamers, growing the economy and educating the wider community on GameFi, DeFi and blockchain as a whole. Check out the announcement here.

Liberty Investors

Since our last update we have not only been growing rapidly on the community and project front. This growth has clearly caught the eye of a number of huge names in the world of blockchain investors and VCs. Things kicked off with Insignius Capital back in December, finishing off 2021 nicely.

The new year saw a flying start, with Crypto Fomo and AVG joining us in the first week alone! The rest of the month continued in the same vein, with DCI Capital and Pluto Digital joining the party, and Halvings Capital nipping in at the last minute to finish off January with a bang!

The final addition to the investors came in February, this time in the shape of DAOKondr VC. When I say final, I simply mean the last one so far; we are not done yet!

Liberty Investments

Following the birth of the Liberty Gaming investments arm, we’ve hired a number of incredibly experienced investors, and to say they’ve been hard at work would be an understatement!

In the last few months, Liberty have invested in some amazing projects in the metaverse space, and if I write about them all you’ll be reading forever! Feel free to click on them to find out more! Our portfolio so far includes:

Quite the collection building already!! As you can see our team have been hard at work, building a portfolio of some of the absolute finest projects in the GameFi space.

We Started a Family

On the growth front, our most recent and probably most exiting piece of news was the coming together of SkyLaunch and Liberty Gaming. This is not just an everyday partnership, this is the start of our family!

This officially brings SkyLaunch and Liberty Gaming together under one umbrella, marking the beginning of what will go on to become a closely knit group of organisations spread across the realms of crypto, web3 and blockchain.

What’s to Come

There are a number of big events in the pipeline, some of which will be announced very, very soon. I can’t confirm anything just yet but keep an eye on our channels, it’s gonna be big!

We are, I’m pleased to say, also edging closer and closer to our own token launch. Details will be confirmed soon, so rest assured you won’t miss it!

About Liberty

Liberty Gaming is a next-generation GameFi organisation comprising a gaming community, guild and NFT & Token funds. Liberty’s sustainable group structure provides deep expertise in onboarding new games and facilitates higher yield by acquiring NFTs at an earlier stage and having greater allocations in emerging projects.

Liberty is a gateway for gamers, lowering the entry barrier to gain access to otherwise expensive & inaccessible NFTs within blockchain gaming. We provide an ecosystem for them to learn, grow and thrive within the new gaming era, in addition to superior characters, tools, armoury and much more, with the ultimate goal of creating financial freedom and success for our loyal community scholars.

Stay Tuned!

As we head towards some incredibly important milestones in the development of the Liberty Gaming project, follow and keep an eye on our channels below to keep yourself up to date on all things Liberty. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this train!

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