Legit investment Opportunity


What is Online Invest Business LTD?

Online Invest Business LTD is a legit registered company based on Investment management activities in London, United Kingdom.
Today this company includes a Managing director, a chairman of the board, 4 members of the board, 7 employees and a team of 11 professional traders.

Prominent activities:
- Trading in Forex
- Trading in Stock market
- Activity in crypto currency market
- Trading in all profitable financial markets

Online Invest Business LTD is NOT a hyip System! It is a Registered, Regulated Investment Company.
Online Invest Business LTD Company was born on 6th Aug 2021.

According to our rules, For investing on Onlineinvest. You don't need any identity verification and you can invest here with any amount anonymously from all over the world.
Since all the activities of our company are international and our dear clients are from all over the world,

We provide you with various methods in order to invest and withdraw.

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What is the difference between Onlineinvest and a Hyip Platform?

Pay attention Please! Online Invest Business LTD is NOT a hyip System. It is a Regulated Investment Company which is registered in London Companies House with the company No:13553466 and All of our activities are monitored under the London Rules.
Generally Hyip Platforms promise high profit but As you know, higher profit means higher risk.
According to the facts that all of us know, 99.99 % of hyip projects dont give you the promised profit and most of the time you lose your own money since the hyip projects last so soon because none of them are not monitored by any legit organisation.

As all of us know, All hyip platforms give their investors profit by the new investments of new members and it is a Money Game and completely illegal all over the world.

But we are a group of professional traders specialized in all the financial profitable markets and we give you profit by the profit we earn in our Trades. So our daily profit is so small and reasonable. Additionally you can not find OnlineInvest on any hyip monitors or aggridators.

Choose Your Best Plan

All the plans provide you with daily reasonable profit For 12 Months ( 365 Days ).
Your Principal (Capital) amount is included in your daily profit.
You can withdraw or reinvest your daily profit whenever you want! There is no limit for withdrawal times.

Plan A : %0.5
Daily For 12 Months
Minimum Deposit : 5 $
Maximum Deposit : 100 $
Minimum Withdraw: 1 $
( BTC & ETH: 8 $ )
Withdrawal : Up to 24 hours
Plan Period : 365 Days

Plan B: %1
Daily For 12 Months
Minimum Deposit : 101 $
Maximum Deposit : 1000 $
Minimum Withdraw: 1 $
( BTC & ETH: 8 $ )
Withdrawal : Up to 24 hours
Plan Period : 365 Days

Plan C: %1.5
Daily For 12 Months
Minimum Deposit : 1001 $
Maximum Deposit : 10000 $
Minimum Withdraw: 1 $
( BTC & ETH: 8 $ )
Withdrawal : Up to 24 hours
Plan Period : 365 Days
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