Learn these 7 Crucial Skills and You’ll Never Go Broke

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

We are in 2022.

COVID-19 is still going crazy, and we are battling it with everything we have got. People have lost their lives, their loved ones, their jobs, and gone broke.

People who have lost their jobs have lost their one and only source of bread and butter. No one knows when the pandemic will be over, but one thing is for sure:

We’ve been taught a lesson that no matter how old or loyal you are to a company, you’ll be fired if there’s a need.

Your effort, blood, and sweat will go in vain if this happens to you. And for the employers, they don’t even care. If there is a need to cut out the cost, they’ll do whatever it takes. Even it means firing you and your colleagues who were part of the company for a long time.

So what can you do in this dire situation? What preparation should be done in case it ever happens to you?

The best way to keep yourself out of this situation is to develop a couple of skills that’ll help you earn your bread and butter in case you lose your job. Having a couple of skills in your pocket does no harm if it can do good for you. But when a tough situation arrives, it can definitely get you out of the hole.

That said, here are the 7 crucial skills that’ll make sure you never go broke.

1. Writing

Content is everywhere. Content is the king!

Whatever you are seeing, reading, or listening to on the internet, each and everything is content.

If you have the ability to develop content for the people on the internet that they’ll love, congrats, you can make the fortune out of it.

The content writing industry is too big. Most organizations need a writer who can write stuff for them. Whether it’s content writing, copywriting, or technical writing, they need it. So if you can develop these skills, you can definitely make your way out.

Some of my close friends think that writing is hard. Well, I agree it is. It’s hard, but only if you aren’t willing to learn. No one came with the skills they have out of their mother’s womb. They developed it underway their journey. And if you want to have any kind of skill, you’ll need to learn it.

If you want to develop writing skills, you just need to write every day.

2. Video Editing

YouTube is the largest video-based platform where 1 billion videos are watched daily. That’s insane!

When YouTube first started, only a few people were creating videos for the tech giant, but now every individual, organization, company, a start-up has started creating videos on YouTube. No one wants to miss the audience YouTube has.

But out of this large number of creators, some of them need people who can do video editing for them. Video editing is an integral part of a video, and if anyone can do it nicely, they can be paid well. Companies or selected individuals don’t have time to do editing. So they hire people who can do the job for them.

If you have that skill, then my friend, you are in urgent need.

3. Graphic Designing

‘Adobe Photoshop is hard! It’s not my cup of cake. I can never learn it. The tools scare the bejesus out of me.’

That was my reaction when I realized I have to learn Photoshop for my YouTube content. For a few days, I was kind of trying to avoid it because I’ve heard and seen how difficult it is to design and edit photos with those unrecognizable tools.

Boy, I was wrong. It was all my thoughts that were holding me back. In reality, Adobe Photoshop is not that hard. The only thing you need is to get familiar with the tools and how they work. That’s it. The rest is taken care of when you keep on practicing.

I have been doing designing and editing pictures on Photoshop for two years now, and I can say it’s a must-have skill in the era of content.

4. Search Engine Optimization

When you type your query on Google, several results pop on the first page. All are highly optimized for SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that is a great skill to have. But note that Google always keeps on updating its algorithm. So what worked in 2018 may not work in 2022. But once you get familiar with SEO, it’s not too hard to keep yourself updated.

But not every individual or company knows SEO. So they are always on a hunt for someone who can do the SEO for them and improve their website’s presence on Google. That’s where your SEO skills can help them and in return, you’ll get paid.

5. Social Media Marketing

Marketing skills can come in handy if you know one or two. The whole digital marketing thing is a wider concept that includes email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. Even if you are an expert on any one of them, you can earn yourself a good amount of money.

One of them is Social Media Marketing which I find to be in great demand today. Every start-up and company have their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page. But what they need is someone who can handle it and increase their reach on social media. And if you have the skill that is needed, you can become part of an organization or work as a freelancer while handling social media marketing on a project basis.

6. Affiliate Marketing

A top affiliate marketer with decades of expertise can make around $10,000 to $20,000 per month.

As a beginner, you can expect to make around $100–200 but that totally depends on your sales and how valuable your content is to the people. To begin with, you can join Amazon Associates, the largest affiliate marketing platform, where you can earn up to 5% commission on every sale you make.

To drive people to your content, you can either start a YouTube channel or a blog from where you can drive people to the products you intend to sell. That’s because you can’t directly paste affiliate links everywhere without providing value as you might get banned. The best practice is to have a YouTube channel or a blog.

Once you get started and get lots of visitors to your channel or blog, you can earn a decent amount of money. And note it, affiliate marketing is not only a way to earn money but is itself a kind of skill that you should have.

7. Photography

If you like to photos where ever you go (I’m not talking about selfies), you might not know that a photography skill is also important and can earn you money if used wisely.

In the era of social media, photos are everywhere and if you have some great photography skills, you can increase your social media presence (e.g. Instagram) and receive more engagements and followers. Once you develop your audience base, you can earn money through sponsorship.

Another way to earn money is to sell photos. Stock platforms like Shutterstock and Getty Images allow you to earn money through photographs. Once a user downloads your upload images, you earn royalty. That’s how you can make money through your photography skills.