Learn, Earn, and Invest (the way to accumulate wealth)

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There are a lot of ways to get wealth. It depends on you, what kind of work you like or even want to do with high pay; that is okay. Learning, earning, and investing are basic principles you can use to get wealth commonly and low risk than other ways like building a business; it’s riskier but can be a fast track to accumulating wealth. It’s a high-risk, high-return; it takes a big effort, time, and money because it’s not easy to run a business. Then, there is no guarantee that your business will succeed. But, if you have already prepared for the consequences, just do it. You will be happy because you have a money machine for your life.

However, you can use this principle that many people do; learn a high-income skill and master it. It is better to learn 2 or 3 if you can. Because it can be your positive point, you can connect the dots between different skills. After earning your skill, you can be freelance or apply to a company as a common worker. And the final is to invest your wages in an investment instrument od you know, then life below the mean in a few years.


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Tech makes knowledge more fast move than the people themselves. You have to adapt if you want to work in this field. There are formal and informal ways to get that knowledge; going to college or studying outside the college. The cheapest way is learning with Google and Youtube; which provide a lot of free resources you can use and maximize as you can; even you can enroll a free or paid online courses like

Find a course that fits with you, don’t forget to read the curriculum before enrolling. Even you can get a certificate that will add to your resume.


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After learning and mastering, you have to earn that new skill. You can freelance or take a remote job, even if you work by yourself. Tips in earning are starting with small paid is okay because it makes you know how the working field operates while you get the experience of work; after it, you can adjust the level of your wages fit in with knowledge and experience. Here is a website that will help you make some earnings,

Common jobs search websites,


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The next stage is to invest because you will not always make some after you decide to retire, so you can make money by investing as young as possible. You can consistently invest a little of your wages in asset fit on you. Think long-term on your investment because you will not focus on your work if you think short-term investment. Make slow progress time by time, then get your profit on the investment after retirement.

This principle is possible, and most people use this way to get their wealth. There is no best way to accumulate wealth, doing business or not. It depends on yourself, who makes you more comfortable doing it. Not all of us can be a founder and run a company for a different reason, but we can use the entrepreneur mindset and thought to solve any problem we will face or look for the opportunity.

Lastly, you need a disciple and believe in what you are doing; it’s not easy to learn time by time without getting earned. I believe someday, what you’re learning and mastering will pay off. It is worth it.


See you.