Leaning Into My Curiosities

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

“I don’t yet know exactly what I am, but I am curious enough to go find out.” — Elizabeth Gilbert: Big Magic

A confession? I am not quite sure what I want to do with this degree that I am pursuing. In the beginning, I had a pretty good idea, but I feel like over the past two years I have changed ever so slightly.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t regret it nor do I think I’m on the wrong path, I’m just in the process of redefining the end goal. Re-evaluating to make the best choices going forward.

Before I can make the best choice I need to explore a little. See what I am really interested in and what is just a passing interest. The areas that pique my curiosity are the areas to explore more. The areas to lean into and discover and grow. This is the way to create a life that best reflects me.

“Life isn’t about finding self. It’s about creating self.” — George Bernard Shaw

Some Interests I’m Currently Exploring

Economics — I am currently pursuing a BA in Economics. Some may see it as a waste as I already hold a BSc. in Accounting. But I only took this set after much internal debate and though the career path that I originally thought I was going to take is changing, this is only happening as a result of learning and engaging with the coursework.

Writing — I used to have a personal blog. My own site but it was a hobby I only engaged in occasionally. I did not take it seriously. I never would have imagined that, though I only wrote sporadically, the writing was somehow keeping me grounded. I really missed it. Therefore, I decided to give it a serious go here on Medium.

Korean — I had to do languages in secondary(high) school. The first two years included both Spanish and French. Then I had to choose whether to do one or both going forward. I sucked at both. Choosing to do neither was not an option. I choose Spanish and managed to scrape by. I got a grade 4 at CXC. Not good. I was never able to gain any level of fluency.

Therefore, I was absolutely surprised at myself when I got the idea to self-study Korean. But instead of ignoring the curiosity in me, I leaned into it, haphazardly at first and a little more intentionally now. Although I don’t know where this is going, I am glad that I began as I thoroughly look forward to and enjoy it — most days.

There are a few more interests I am exploring but am not quite ready to discuss publicly. For example, the specific area of Economics I am considering.

I may not yet see how the somewhat random pieces of my journey fit together. But I have read and learned enough to understand that the lessons learned through choices made and actions taken provide value. The most valuable lessons from each stop, each chapter, can come together in unexpected ways and create unimagined opportunities.

I look forward to the day when the bits and pieces of my curved journey come together into a beautiful opportunity.