Lambo Finance is a protocol that provides the best staking system with passive income BNB, SHIB and…



LAMBO is revolutionizing DeFi with their LAMBO Autostaking Protocol that offers the highest fixed APY in the industry, rebasing rewards every 8 minutes and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio in your wallet.

Lambo Finance is a protocol which provides an asset-backed, decentralized and external staking system for cryptocurrencies. For the first time ever, users can stake their assets in Lambo Finance and have their stakes rewarded with a constant 9% interest rate (currently paying out LAMBO) earned automatically, directly into their Lambo Finance wallets! With the Lambo Finance protocol anyone can release a coin without a team or expensive development resources to support it.

Lambo is an unstoppable, industry leading, higher yielding alternative to the common interest DEX’s across crypto who offer underwhelming returns. Lambo utilizes LAMBO tokens for its staking system that automatically rebalances and rewards members on a fixed interest rate with no cap over time. No other DEX in crypto provides this value and security of capital among traders looking to maximize portfolio performance with a simple Alpha-Beta portfolio implementation scheme.



  • LAmbo is a revolutionary investment platform that allows you to earn passive income and get rich quick. We are the only company that offers the highest interest rates in the world, up to 900,368.31% APY — all deposited directly into your account at the end of each month!


  • Lambo Rebase is the world’s first blockchain that rebases every block and compounding interest every 8 minutes. This new cryptocurrency will be the most stable in crypto because of its fast-growing network, rapid user adoption, low inflation rate and decentralized governance.


  • The Lambo insurance is a unique and innovative mechanism in the cryptocurrency space. It helps sustain and back the staking rewards by maintaining price stability and greatly reducing downside risk.


  • The Lambo Treasury is one of the most unique features of this tokens. 2.5% — 5% of all trading fees will be stored in Treasury to develop Lambo ecosystems, support the development of digital assets and build a decentralized exchange platform.


LAmbo is an automated trading platform that provides liquidity to the cryptocurrency market. By providing a small incentive to all token holders, 1.5% — 3%, we will be able to increase overall market liquidity and provide a more stable crypto-currency environment for all participants.


Lambo Token is a utility token that is used to trade on the Dead Valley platform. It burns 1% — 2% every time you trade. It can only be used on the Dead Valley platform, or traded for other coins/tokens at an exchange.


Lambo is a trading platform that will use Binance’s 0.1% trading fees to buy and burn $LAMBO coin, which then distribute the amount of $LAMBO bought back to users on the platform who hold $LAMBO in their account as staking rewards. The value of $LAMBO will increase due to more demand for it as time goes by, thus giving its hodlers a nice passive income.


Shiba Inu Token (SHIB) is the symbol that we’re using to represent LamboToken (LAMBO). When you refer to our token, simply say SHIB instead of LAMBO so as to make it easier for people who will want to learn more about us. 1.25%-2.5% of all trading fees means that a small amount from every transaction will be used to purchase SHIB tokens and redistribute those tokens out among all those who own the $LAMBO currency — regardless of whether they are an active trader or not.


  • Name: Lambo Finance
  • Ticker: $LAMBO
  • Max supply: LAMBO
  • Initial supply: 1.000.000 LAMBO
  • Team: 0%
  • Extra mint: No


You can earn 900.368% APY by working with Lambo Finance. You will be able to receive all of this money in LAMBO, BNB, and SHIB tokens.

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