Keep Breathing, Anon…


So, the weekly closed a few hours ago, everybody on crypto twitter turned bearish, but how bad are things really?

Closer than you think.

BTC gaining negative momentum

BTC weekly
BTC daily

BTC is looking far from beautiful, people are turning bearish and your money is probably evaporating.

Whether you are a trader, investor or whatever the fuck you call yourself, the bigger picture is more important than the smaller picture, in the grand scheme of things, the smaller decisions we take have less effect on how things turns out than the one or two big decisions we have to take.

The 40.7K area support did not hold, next support area that is only tested once is the 36.3k area, this price action is far from ideal, when the market is trying to show some strength it gets shut down pretty hard, in the long run what is most important is survival, you need chips to play the game, don’t forget that no position is also a position, try to wait for clear quality signals before entering a trade instead of entering trades constantly because you have 0 patience.

Ethereum also choppy

ETH weekly
ETH daily

On the weekly you can see the rejection at the 3060 area, there is not really anything extra worth mentioning, I wrote my thoughts down in the BTC section, this price action is not ideal, maybe you can trade this, in that case, good luck.

Personally I am waiting for a retest of the 2400 area, but we will see what happens, looking for signs of strength here.

Closing thoughts

Trying to sharpen my own skills in this time, looking at the charts and seeing what it tells me instead of trying to see something bullish while it’s not there. Nothing fools you better than the lie you tell yourself.

Also focussing on physical health, there are more important things in life than printing money. You can do it anon, stop being a little bitch and take action.


Take care.