IYO Artificial Web3 Intelligence(Concept)

  1. Summary

Pairing collective intelligence with artificial intelligence to create the ultimate crypto companion. Helping you to evaluate and manage your investments, while helping us to streamline and modernise our internal procedures.

Introducing IYO — The brain and CNS of OSYS

IYO increases efficiency, scalability and reliability by leveraging “Human-in-the-Loop Reinforcement Learning”.
IYO allows OSYS to apply collective intelligence and expert knowledge into useful applications and services, which can then be packaged and offered to both individuals and organisations in the Web3 sector.

This AI could one day become your Web3 tour guide, consultant or portfolio manager.

IYO is a concept that envisions OSYS without the human interference. Allowing for a truly agent agnostic organisation to be formed.

Replacing humans with machines is controversial, but in our case it is both mutually beneficial and necessary. To understand the benefits of AI you must first understand the limitations of people.

People are biased, inconsistent, emotional, and (from an AI perspective) relatively stupid. We are probably the worst possible candidates to choose when it comes to forming non biased, consistent evaluations.

OSYS relies on people to contribute their knowledge to build up collective intelligence, this collective intelligence is incredibly useful when it comes to outsourcing and education. But it is incredibly difficult to apply to auditing and evaluation services in a non biased way.

Any collective that includes people will always have a bias, no matter how large or diverse it might be. These biases create inconsistencies and can affect the outcomes of the evaluation.

OSYS needs integrity, our data and reporting needs to be verifiable, non biased and consistent. For that to be assured, OSYS needs to define, automate and optimise our internal procedures where possible.

When we talk about automation we are talking about removing the human element, thus reducing the chaos that stems from relying on people.

The extent that artificial intelligence will be integrated is not yet clear, but it certainly seems to be a logical step forwards for OSYS.

Potential AI integrations


Audits require machine-like scrutiny. Procedures need to be followed exactly to ensure that an audit is both reliable and verifiable. People are excellent auditors, but a machine operated by an expert is much more reliable and efficient.

This is not a new concept. In fact, many smart contract auditors use programs to “scan” code and perform tests today. OSYS is familiar with these programs and we even use some of them in our own audits.

OSYS envisions our AI being integrated into a smart contract testnet. Where our AI auditors work with our experts and data to evolve as fast if not faster than malicious programmers and hackers.

Auditing has always been a battle between the white hat vs black hat hackers. A machine that can spot patterns in exploits or hacks can help to secure the space as these exploits evolve. These machines can also potentially predict future vulnerabilities in both smart contracts and other web integrations. This AI could become and remain the best auditor in the space.

Data analysis

Computers are designed to handle data, in fact it is their sole purpose. Automating how OSYS interprets, compiles and manages its data will serve to increase our throughput and reliability. Allowing us to serve the needs of our clients and ambassadors in the fairest way possible, in a cost effective and consistent manner.

OSYS handles a variety of complex datasets, our holistic audits create stockpiles of raw data. Our analysts have to labour over this data to draw meaningful conclusions. Sometimes these conclusions are statistically insignificant or non representative, not only can this be a waste of our time, it may also skew the results of an audit or evaluation.

Collective intelligence is great, but it has its limitations. We all interpret data differently, involving collectives in data analysis is unlikely to create consistent or fair conclusions. OSYS needs to be reliable and consistent in these areas at all times.

Reasons such as this indicate why AI is not only more reliable, but essential in handling, interpreting and drawing conclusions from our audits.

HR functions

Smart outsourcing is the process of pairing the correct candidate to the correct client based on a variety of factors, these factors include both the needs of the client and the competencies/experience of the candidate in question.

HR professionals would usually take on this role in a traditional agency. OSYS aims to go beyond what any traditional outsourcing platform has done before, both in terms of scalability and throughput.

Smart outsourcing allows OSYS to achieve high rates of both employee and client satisfaction. Smart outsourcing ensures that clients receive the best possible service and freelancers always work within their preferred fields. Playing to their strengths as much as possible.

Aside from outsourcing, AI can help to modernise and streamline our onboarding processes on a team and freelancer level. Artificial intelligence can tailor profiles for candidates, complete with statistics regarding their productivity within OSYS as well as logging the work they complete.

This helps us to pay our contributors fairly, sustainably and at rates consistent to their expertise and completed workloads.

AML and asset tracking

Wallet forensics and fund tracking can be very labour intensive without the correct tools and knowledge. Artificial intelligence helps to streamline the process and reduces the margin for error. These errors could potentially cause an innocent person to lose their livelihood or may cause somebody to be wrongly accused of a financial crime.

Artificial intelligence is incredibly useful when it comes to spotting patterns, Money laundering often relies on a cycle of patterns in order for the origin of the funds to be obfuscated. Artificial intelligence may put an end to mixer protocols or enablers of money laundering.

Not only would this make the space less of a target for regulators, it would also displace those offering or enabling illicit services. There will be nowhere for these people to hide, and nothing they can do to cover their tracks.

Risk management

Humans are (on average) greedy and irresponsible. These traits can create unhealthy outcomes for both individuals and the ecosystems they participate in. Data driven trading is not only more reliable, it also helps to create a healthier mindset when it comes to investing. This also helps to reduce the pressure that changes in sentiment can lead to when building a project.

Markets are always evolving and fresh data is always appearing. Any machine that can interpret this market data and “learn” from it could potentially be used to predict approaching trends or movements in the markets (to a degree)

There are already a variety of trading bots out there, OSYS isn't interested in them (for the most part). What we are mostly interested in is the ALLADIN framework used by Blackrock.

Such a solution could revolutionise how we see the digital asset space, and how we structure and manage our personal and company portfolios.

Automated hedge funding

Based on the assumption that automated risk management works, there is no saying that a hedge fund could not be governed or maintained by artificial intelligence.

Not only could it help to preserve relative purchasing power, it could also help to grow wealth by rebalancing portfolios based on risk to reward ratio and on chain data.

This implementation would require immense research and development, as well as audits and testing, as it may be vulnerable to oracle inaccuracies and manipulation etc.

Sentiment evaluation

When evaluating a community, there are many ways to extract data. However, drawing meaningful conclusions from these datasets is not always easy (not for humans anyway). Artificial intelligence could help OSYS to complete a holistic, data-driven sentiment analysis by evaluating and combining various datasets. For example, user retention, community engagement and GFN analysis.

Contract splitting — Module pricing

Artificial intelligence can also be used to ensure that our contracts are priced fairly and consistently. This would allow OSYS to offer competitive and reliable rates to both our freelancers and clients.

Contract officers will use data and pre defined frameworks to negotiate prices for contracts, but each officer may have a different approach, in order to provide a fair and consistent service this human element needs to be reduced or replaced entirely.

Analysing the estimated costs and workloads involved in a contract is a key aspect of pricing, this also needs to be done in a fair and consistent way.


Artificial intelligence and automation in conjunction with our agent agnostic model could help OSYS to create a truly fair, scalable, and reliable platform upon which to build our services.

Organisations are typically driven by their workforces, these workforces are traditionally managed a small number of executives. With the executives receiving most of “the cut”.

This doesn't sound like a fair deal, because it isn't.

Through AI integrations OSYS could operate without executives, and could reduce the need for internal governance. Reducing the costs associated with internal staff and streamlining internal processes greatly increases the percentage of contract revenue available to our freelancers and contributors.

Artificial intelligence may become the main driving force behind future DAOs and Web3 organisations. OSYS is keen to explore the potential of AI in our organisation and those who choose to work with us.

Interested in AI, or Web3 technology in general? Consider joining our collective!

OSYS hosts free to use platforms for individuals to share knowledge and build towards their next Web3 career. We aim to inspire and innovate by evaluating and educating.

Artificial intelligence will also help our dreams of building a Web3 native university to become more feasible. If IYO is a success it may change how we educate and train the next generation of visionaries and builders in this space.

IYO brings opportunities to both OSYS and our contributors/clients, the Web3 sector is new and rapidly evolving, people can no longer keep up with the rate of innovation.

In order to be able to educate and evaluate OSYS needs to one step ahead, IYO can help us to achieve this by reshaping the way that our organisation thinks and operates.

“Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.”
Isaac Asimov

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