Is the $DRIP’s DEFI Network’s Daily ROI Ecosystem an Answer to Overcoming the Current U.S.


Did you know that with America’s current inflation rate of 8.5%, if you had $1,000,000 sitting in a retirement account, the inflation alone would eat away $85,000 of it each and every year? Wait what? You worked your entire life and finally saved up a million dollars for your retirement and now the current inflation rate is going to make it worth $85,000 less each and every year from your hard earn savings? That is $425,000 in five years making your million dollars’ value worth almost 50% less! So how do you expect the average person to retire currently when millionaires aren’t even able to retire? Before this inflation disaster, it was estimated that the amount of money required to retire at 67 was $2.2 million dollars while being debt-free! However, you now need almost double that amount based upon the current inflation rate! How many people reading this think that you will have $4.4 million dollars saved up and will be 100% debt free by the age of 67? This information is absolutely scary, and it should be. Everyone should be afraid of this because of our current government’s ignorance with frivolous spending and printing money out that they shouldn’t be. Everyone loved the stimulus checks but do you not understand how that has added to the inflation problem. Giving away FREE money to American’s and businesses is in turn adding to the inflation problem and is destroying the current dollar’s value! Sorry to say but there is NO such thing as FREE money! It has to be recovered somehow, and we are seeing this with the increase prices of just about every product and service such as the current high gasoline & food prices. This time the government has gone too far with their spending triggering massive inflation that has not been seen this high since 1981 where it peaked at 7.9% vs today’s 8.5%! It has reached the tipping point and inflation is at all time high!

You must be thinking to yourself, how in the World am I going to save $4.4 million dollars? One word — Cryptocurrency. Hedging your savings with Cryptocurrency is an amazing opportunity to avoid inflation rates, and I will tell you why. DEFI (Decentralized Finance) is currently the most popular way to make money in all of Crypto. DEFI takes the power away from the banks and the developers behind the DEFI projects and puts it in the hands of the investors. Be aware that this does NOT apply to ALL DEFI projects. Not all DEFI projects are truly decentralized or built with the same priorities in mind so you must do thorough research before ever making an investment decision. A lot of “DEFI” projects are NOT actually decentralized, and the developers are still are fully in control and are making money off of each and every transaction that occurs when people are interacting with their project’s smart contract. There are multiple ways to make money in DEFI. There is “farming” where you pair a native token with a “stable coin” such as $BUSD and $USDC, and the farm allows you earn an interest yield by earning more tokens for free in your farming pool for you providing liquidity to the farm. There is also “staking” where you can stake a native or stable coin and earn an interest yield as well by earning more tokens that are added to your staking pool for free based upon the amount of deposit you provided to the project. We talk about the current inflation rate being 8.5%, however, in Cryptocurrency you can stake your stable coins like $BUSD and earn anywhere from 2–15% yearly interest. You can literally make way more money storing your savings in a Cryptocurrency stable coin and earning a yearly interest rate avoiding inflation all together. This is why Cryptocurrency has exploded in the past few years! People are starting to realize how corrupt the current banking system is and started putting their faith into Cryptocurrency instead. This does not come without risk though. Terra Blockchain’s $UST stable coin just went from being $1 to dropping all the way down to $0.10 per dollar. However, their “stable coin” was NOT backed by REAL assets, instead their $UST’s stable coin was based on an algorithmic stable coin protocol that aimed to maintain their peg using their coin called LUNA (which also crashed). This protocol epically failed and this is why I only turn to $USDC or $BUSD that is backed by real assets. The main stable coins like $USDC and $BUSD have real assets backing their dollar for a 1:1 ratio of $1 U.S. Dollar to x1 $BUSD dollar to insure that is does NOT crash. Please do thorough research before deciding on which stable coin to invest into as you can see that they are all not built the same way and therefore are all not a “safe” investment.

$DRIP Faucet — Rehdrating Your Way to Millions of Dollars Through Recompounding Your Earned $DRIP!

You may be asking yourself that is awesome that you can earn up to 15% on stable coins, however, you don’t even have enough money to take advantage of these yield opportunities in the Cryptocurrency market. This is where my favorite project comes into play allowing people with small amounts of capital to significantly grow their deposits making massive profits down the road! The project’s tokenomics have been set up to give investors a daily return of 1% totaling a 365% return based on the amount of $DRIP they have deposited into the $DRIP faucet after 1 year. You have the option of either claiming 1% of your deposited $DRIP everyday, or you can rehydrate (recompound) your $DRIP back into the faucet to earn even more $DRIP allowing investors with small capital to grow their holdings significantly! $DRIP rewards comes from a 10% tax on transactions for both buys and sells and since $DRIP deposited into the faucet is sent to a burn address and $DRIP is consistently being locked in the liquidity pool through its’ reservoir contract, $DRIP is the only daily ROI with a true deflationary tokenomics. The faucet’s compound mechanism uses your current available daily $DRIP dividends and redeposits them into the faucet contract, compounding your long-term $DRIP earnings by increasing your total deposit which increases your total max payout! Also, recompounding your $DRIP only has a 5% tax instead of the normal 10% tax if you were to claim your $DRIP. This 5% tax goes into the faucet pool and is used to pay daily ROIS and team referral bonuses. I will go in depth with team building down below which is the most powerful mechanism in $DRIP and provides a consistent growth of NEW holders by allowing the team leaders and team members to grow their bags by earning extra FREE $DRIP by getting others to join the $DRIP network. $DRIP is the ONLY DEFI project where the contract does NOT have a developer or marketing tax. The developer was NOT given FREE tokens like EVERY project that is launched. This truly makes $DRIP unique because it wasn’t set up to make the developer or team rich. Instead, $DRIP’s project was set up to put the power of making massive returns on your investment back in the hands of its’ investors.

The $DRIP Ecosystem is being built out by the most trustworthy Crypto Developer specializing in DEFI projects — Forex Shark. This is currently the only Cryptocurrency DEFI project that I truly believe is here to stay for years and years to come. The $DRIP contract has been officially launch for well over a year now, and it is still growing strong with new utilities and use cases which is HUGE in the DEFI space! DEFI projects come and go and most of them never even make it past a couple months, let alone over a year. $DRIP’s community online is massively strong and is like an army taking over the entire Binance Smart Chain network at this point. This DEFI project incorporates an intricate referral system allowing holders to build their own $DRIP team and by doing so, it gives the team leaders the ability to airdrop FREE $DRIP tokens to their members.

Finding a winning project is all about finding a good development team. It ALL comes down to one thing in a Crypto project that determine its’ success — does the development team care about the project and continue building new utilities for the project’s ecosystem over time? If they aren’t building new utilities consistently over the years, then the project WILL die no matter what! PERIOD! FOREX on the other hand will be building for the rest of his life and he is the ONLY developer that I have met over my many years of actually marketing professionally for developer’s and their projects and seeing what Crypto is REALLY about BEHIND the scenes — IT IS ABSOLUTELY SCAREY, and you’d sell out of most of the projects you are in if I told you some of the shadiness that happens behind the curtains on the Binance Smart Chain Network! This is why my marketing company ONLY works with fully KYC DOXXED developers because the industry is so corrupt. You have no idea how lucky everyone is to have Forex in charge of this project. He is obsessed with development, and I can tell just by the way he talks about his project during AMAs — he has passion for it! 99.9% of all crypto project development teams will abandon their projects entirely at one point of the project’s life. HOWEVER, FOREX IS the 0.01%, and I truly believe that he WILL continue to building $DRIP for life!!!! Let’s break down the new utilities that are coming to the $DRIP ecosystem and why $DRIP is about to go on its’ next bull run.

There are a massive amount of new utilities coming to the $DRIP network that will make this project the number one project in ALL of DEFI! The first thing we will discuss is their new partnership with ApeSwap.Finance where you will be able to stake your $DRIP tokens to earn $DRIP and $BANANA tokens as your rewards. The reason why this is so bullish is for a couple of reasons. First, this allows $DRIP holders to stake their $DRIP instead of selling it which will relieve selling pressure. I am sure this just the beginning of their partnership with ApeSwap, and it wont just be one staking pool. I am sure that they will continue releasing new staking and/or farming pools with them. Secondly, the staking will be deflationary where there will be NO minting of new $DRIP tokens for these pools and it will directly remove $DRIP from the circulating supply increasing the price of $DRIP. Also, ApeSwap has a massive following and billions in transaction volume. They have over 262,000 Twitter follows which means 1% of them investing into $DRIP is 2,600 NEW $DRIP holders and 10% of them investing into $DRIP would be over 26,200 NEW $DRIP holders. There are millions of new eyes that will see $DRIP through this platform over a period of time! This is extremely bullish for the price of $DRIP.

$DRIP Scratch Off Lottery Ticket System!

The next major new utility is a scratch off lottery ticket system that is a FIRST in the Crypto industry. Never before has anyone made scratch off lottery tickets available on the blockchain. In 2021, the United States sold approximately $105 billion dollars in scratch off lottery tickets. Bringing scratch off lottery tickets to the blockchain is a genius idea! People are OBSESSED with buying scratch off lottery tickets. Imagine when you will be able to purchase these lottery tickets using $DRIP as the payment method. People will be purchasing $DRIP like crazy! Scratch off lottery tickets are very ADDICTIVE, and I see this being VERY bullish for the $DRIP ecosystem. I myself am super excited to use the scratch off lottery tickets to win some FREE $DRIP! The most important thing about the lottery ticket scratch off system is that 20% of the daily USD volume of scratch off tickets sales will be used to buy $DRIP and send them to the tax vault which will remove $DRIP tokens from the circulating supply which will increase the price of $DRIP! See below for a price table breaking done projected scratch off ticket sales vs the amount of $DRIP that will be purchased and sent to the tax vault.

(Price Table Was Made by $DRIP Holder K3 3000)

The most bullish new utility that is being added to the $DRIP ecosystem is its’ peer to peer lending protocol that will allow $DRIP holders to lend capital to other holders based upon their the amount of capital that they deposited into the $DRIP faucet. This is extremely bullish because this will alleviate selling pressure from $DRIP whales when they max out on their wallets. Usually, when they max out their $DRIP deposits and have 27,000 $DRIP deposited in the faucet, they are forced to start selling off their positions. This selling pressure from $DRIP whales is now removed and instead of selling their $DRIP, they can now provide loans to other investors and make an extra yield on their $DRIP position. This allows each $DRIP holder to become their own bank and to continue making money on their $DRIP instead of needing to sell it. This is the first time in DEFI history that a project is putting this power in the hands of the holders. When Crypto whales find out that $DRIP is creating this for their holders, there will be MASSIVE buys from Crypto whales. This is the only project that is providing this service to holders and will make $DRIP extremely bullish.

$DRIP doesn't stop there! They are also partnering with ChainLink to use their protocol for oracle price feeds for all $DRIP products and randomization in $DRIP’s NEW NFT battle game that they are releasing. $DRIP is creating their own metaverse and will have a $DRIP NFT battle game possibly on the Solona network. There is also talks of possibly building this NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain instead of the Solona blockchain so this one isn’t set in stone yet. $DRIP is also building a $DRIP cross-chain bridge to swap between different blockchains. There is a $DRIP Hip Hop/Trap NFT Marketplace with A-List Celebrities being onboarded and also a $DRIP Jewelry Store Partnership. All of these new utilities will utilize $DRIP as the payment method giving $DRIP an enormous amount of NEW use cases for holding $DRIP! $DRIP is also bringing on a MASSIVE amount of celebrities and influencers to increase growth, holders, and give $DRIP an incredible amount of NEW exposure! $DRIP is also going to be partnering with multiple DEXs and not just ApeSwap.Finance! One new major partnership is going to be with BetFury Casino where players will use $DRIP to play and be rewarded in $BFG! $DRIP will also be getting listed on exchanges which will bring an insane amount of NEW holders to the $DRIP network! All of these new things is just the beginning of Forex Shark’s plans for $DRIP! As you can see, the developer of $DRIP does not mess around, and he gets things launched VERY quickly vs. other developers. These new utilities will start being released as soon as possible and the peer to peer lending protocol is to be released before the end of the year!

One major reason why the $DRIP network is going to be so successful is because of their referral based system that allows holders and team leaders to earn a LOT of FREE $DRIP tokens by getting others to join the project! My referral link is if you would like to join my NEW $DRIP team that I have created. You will receive FREE $DRIP back based upon how much $DRIP you purchase when you first deposit your $DRIP into the faucet using my referral code. You can contact me on Telegram at @BrianCVMarketer There are a lot of teams on the $DRIP network and these teams are building out Telegram groups, Twitter pages and posts, YouTube channels discussing $DRIP, Medium Articles, and even apparel and merchandise is being made for $DRIP. This referral system allows $DRIP to grow as such an accelerated pace! I have seen teams and team leaders earning $10,000s of dollars in FREE $DRIP tokens! Anyone can start their own team by purchasing and holding $DRIP’s $BR34P token. Referral Rewards are earned by others not only depositing new $DRIP or claiming $DRIP through its’ 10% tax, but you also earn FREE $DRIP when the team members re-hydrate their $DRIP (Recompounding their $DRIP) through the 5% rehydration tax. Each positive action rewards one person in the upline at a time, starting with the buddy on the initial deposit and then one level up (skipping those who do not qualify) for every deposit or compound after that until it reaches a max of 15 levels up, at which point it circles back down to the buddy. In order to qualify for downline bonuses, team leaders need to be net positive on deposits and have enough bR34P for that level of downline. Net positive status is calculated using these variables: NET DEPOSIT VALUE = ( DEPOSITS + AIRDROPS + HYDRATIONS) — CLAIMS. This means you need to deposit and compound more than you claim to qualify for referral bonuses, however you do get credit added to your net positive status when you airdrop DRIP to your team. Airdropping is a way to help promote your team as well as a good way to stay net positive‼️

Here are the bR34P requirements to open different levels of down lines. You must hold the bR34P in your wallet, it can’t be staked or paired.

Downlines vs. $BR34P Required to Hold in Order to Get $DRIP Rewards
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
1 2
2 3
3 5
4 8
5 13
6 21
7 34
8 55
9 89
10 144
11 233
12 377
13 610
14 987
15 1597

Please join $DRIP using my referral link at and contact me on Telegram at @BrianCVMarketer to receive your FREE $DRIP tokens back from the 10% deposit tax. You can receive a LOT of FREE $DRIP back depending on the amount that you would like to deposit. We will work together in building out the team and with more and more team members, the more and more we will all make together in FREE $DRIP rewards!