Is Terra Luna a New Opportunity in 2022?


Luna Coin’s last-minute numbers came under close scrutiny after Terra Luna lost nearly 100 percent of its value and fell below $1.The collapse in the crypto money market in the past days created a great earthquake in Terra Luna, which saw $ 100. Bitcoin, which was largely sold to fix the stable coin UST value at one dollar again, decreased the value of cryptocurrencies when the supply-demand balance could not be established, causing a collapse in both Bitcoin and other altcoins.The Terra Luna coin collapse had an earthquake effect in the cryptocurrency market. Investors are not satisfied at all after the depreciation of one hundred percent.A recovery package has even been released for Luna, who has suffered a major fall. Many investors seem very hopeful that Luna will return to 0.1 cents again. In fact, in this article, we will discuss what Luna can do and how it can scare us again. Remember, this article is not investment advice!The biggest opportunity coin between 2022 and 2025The questions came to the fore after the collapse in the crypto money market. While the sharp fall in Terra Luna created an earthquake effect in the markets, it caused a collapse in Bitcoin and altcoins. Luna coin, which has seen 100 dollars in the past days, has decreased to 40 cents in a week.The sharp decline observed in the LUNA coin markets brought the decrease in the Bitcoin markets as well. After the sharp fall in Terra Luna Coin, fixing the UST to 1 dollar is one of the solutions.Terra Luna is a crypto project from the stable of Terraform Labs, a Singapore-based technology firm. The protocol aims to drive crypto adoption by creating a suite of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins required for DeFi transactions.WILL LUNA COIN RISE, WHAT HAPPENS?With the LUNA coin markets falling sharply, millions of LUNAs will find buyers at the bottom. There is no clear information about how long this process will continue, but it can be said that the LUNA coin will not return to its old level for a long time.Unfortunately, things are not looking good for Terra. The Luna foundation continues to attract large numbers of investors. Behind Luna there are millions of people who still have hope and trust in this project. Luna Coin, which was shown as the biggest opportunity in 2022, sank millions of people in the first weeks of May.WHY DID LUNA COIN FALL?After the announcement of the US inflation figures, fluctuations were observed in the cryptocurrency markets. While the eyes of the cryptocurrency market turned to TerraUSD (UST), Avalanche (AVAX) suffered the most from the crisis after the local cryptocurrency of the Terra network, LUNA.After the attack on the LUNA coin, unfounded purchases were made, as a result of the spreading fear, exits from Terra began. After the exits from the TERRA coin, there was a sharp decline in the stable coin. The sales made to prevent the decline of stable coins disrupted the supply-demand balance, causing a decline in many crypto money markets.Terra Luna Price Forecast 2022,2023,2025In our previous article, we shared with you in detail an article that evaluated the possibility of Luna being 1 dollar. However, in the rest of this article, let’s start with the fact that Luna’s return to her old days may be a dream.Many people continue to make claims about Luna on social media. Some claim it’s a temporary drop, while others claim they’ve been scammed.However, although it seems very difficult for Luna to reach the $ 1 level again, the claims that Luna will now reach $ 50 levels confused many investors.Let’s not forget that the stock market is not a gamble. It is necessary to invest by making a smart and statistical analysis.Utopian Claim About Terra LunaTerra is a public blockchain protocol that distributes a set of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins supporting a thriving ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses.UST is even more different. Absolutely not guaranteed. It is an algorithmic stablecoin powered by the Terra protocol. Instead, it is backed by a crypto token called LUNA.LUNA’s cost has to a great extent been directed by the chief advanced resource, Bitcoin. BTC and a few altcoins lost a huge portion of their market capitalisation in the start of the year. Nonetheless, the worth of these coins somewhat improved, pushing the beginning business’ absolute valuation back to the $2 trillion stakes.Regardless, the bears have been on full show somewhat recently, making a few promising tasks shed over 90% of their worth. Land Luna’s cost has been one of the most affected. The advanced resource shed 97% of its $115 cost stake in the previous week. Be that as it may, the crypto space is known for exceptional rebounds. Subsequently, these are Luna cost forecasts for the accompanying courses of events:- End of 2022 — Terraform Labs self-rectifies its sinking transport and stablecoin (UST), recovering financial backer certainty. Luna crypto value forecast ought to see the advanced resource exchanging at $50 or more.- End of 2023 — The crypto market keeps on acquiring reception and decentralized finance (DeFi) gets steam. Land’s essential job in this environment ought to see it hit areas of strength for a stake of $200.- End of 2025 — The development of its set-up of monetary items ought to see Luna’s cost expectation hit an incredible $500 in the following three years.The article shared by includes Luna’s rise forecasts for 2022. An article was shared about how much an increase is expected from June to 2023 and when the investor should buy.What are the expectations from Terra LUNA after CRASH?If you have any desire to take a shrewd monetary action, you ought to constantly do an exhaustive market concentrate prior to settling on any huge monetary decisions. Get sure you don’t put away more cash-flow than you can stand to lose.Therefore, Land’s stock has lost a lot of its shine among forthcoming purchasers. The Diverse Imbecile encourages financial backers to stay away from the drive, regardless of the token’s modest cost.For LUNA, what’s to come appears to be grim, with a cost of short of what one penny or six pennies anticipated by Advanced Coin Cost and Coin Value Figure.Specialists then again, contend in the other heading. A rebound for LUNA, as per Contributing 3D square, is conceivable. LUNA’s worth will rise assuming the stablecoin’s cost is reestablished to $1.Wallet Financial backer hasn’t changed their forecast for LUNA since before the breakdown. In May 2023, 1 LUNA is supposed to be valued at $151. Government Capital predicts that Luna will be esteemed $108 later on.What caught our attention as we tracked Luna’s data with coinmarketcapYes, as you all know, we were watching Terra Luna’s latest moves on After a rise again, we realized that the increased volume reached the levels of billions of dollars. Large investments in Luna’s value began to pull back after spikes stabilized her.Terra price today is $0.000211 USD, 24-hour trading volume is $3,126,337,263 USD. We update our LUNA/USD prices in real time. Terra has dropped percent in the last 24 hours. Its current CoinMarketCap rank is #211, market cap is $1,375,222,442 USD. The circulating supply is 6,531,899,614,602 LUNA coins and the max level supply. supply not available.The comments about Luna were quite remarkable. Many investors are inviting many people to support this bailout, with the slogan “Now is the time to support Luna”.Growing volume and billions of dollars in investment within 24 hours, Luna’s steady state monitoring is not unusual.In fact, Terra Luna’s unlimited supply of new coins to the market is among the reasons that cause its value to drop too much.However, there is a lot of pressure from investors on Luna co-founder Do Kwon to implement the burning process of the proposed coins.Do Kwon Shares His Thoughts for TerraAfter this extraordinary process, Do Kwon sparked a discussion about the rescue package for Luna and what they could do.5/ There are multiple proposals on Agora on the best steps to move forward for the community — after having read many of them, I’ve put down my thoughts of what I think the best steps are:— Do Kwon 🌕 (@stablekwon) May 13, 2022In the Twitter post, Terra’s forum page has several communities and validator groups discussing launching a fork of the Terra chain to integrate the Ecosystem from the UST depegging event. I wanted to offer my perspective on how this should be done.As of this time, there are still several billion dollars worth of UST and the value of the Luna coin has essentially dropped to zero. Even if the fixation is eventually reinstated after the last marginal buyers and sellers capitulate, Luna’s owners have been so severely liquidated and diluted that we will be deprived of the ecosystem to rebuild from the ashes. While a decentralized economy needs decentralized money, UST has lost too much confidence in its users to play the role.So what’s left? While UST is the central narrative of Terra’s growth story over the past year, the Terra ecosystem and community is what is worth preserving.- With some of the world’s smartest minds working on products with the best UI/UX, we’ve created one of the largest and most vibrant developer ecosystems in the crypto space.- Terra Station has a large installation base with millions of users worldwide- Despite being in a difficult situation, strong brand awareness and a name that almost everyone in the world will hearThe Terra community must reconstitute the chain to preserve the community and the developer ecosystem.Validators should reset the network ownership to 1B tokens, distributed among:- 400M (40%) to Luna holders before the depegging event (last $1 tick before the depeg on Binance should be reasonable), bLuna, LunaX and Luna held in contracts should also be recipients, minus the Terraform Labs account at terra1dp0taj85ruc299rkdvzp4z5pfg6z6swaed74e6. The new chain should be community owned. Preserving decent ownership of the network in its strongest believers and builders is important.- 400M (40%) to UST holders pro-rata at the time of the new network upgrade. UST holders need to be made whole as much as possible- 100M (10%) to Luna holders at the final moment of the chain halt — last minute marginal luna buyers should be compensated for their role in attempting to provide stability for the network- 100M (10%) to the Community Pool to fund future development.- All Luna besides the third tranche should be staked at the network genesis state.- The network should incentivize its security with a reasonable inflation rate, say 7%, as fees will no longer be enough to pay for security without the swap fees.Call to actionWhy does this redistribution make sense? UST holders need to own a large share of the network, as the network’s debt holders they deserve to be compensated for the tokens they have been holding to the end.Terra needs a community to continue to grow and make its blockspace valuable again — the only way to do this is to make sure that token holders before the attack commenced, the most loyal community members and builders, stick around to keep providing value.It is a hard balance — and no easy answers in redistributing value within the network. But value must be distributed to allow the ecosystem to survive, and in its current state it will not.The future of the Terra NetworkThe rallying cry for the Terra community has always been “a decentralized economy needs decentralized money”. This is an exciting vision, and while UST has not been successful the Terra community will find ways of iterating on the idea at some point in the future.But the priority now should be to preserve this amazing ecosystem and to make as many users and builders as possible. Terra should first preserve its L1, and the community should gather to discuss decentralized money once the dust has settled.I hope the community can achieve speedy consensus on how to revive the Terra ecosystem. I’ll always be here.Original version of Do Kwon’s post.