Is MoonBears Nft Collection The New Moonbirds

  1. Here is MoonBears MoonMap or Roadmap
  2. And Here is What is Known So Far Waiting For More Info:
  3. Their Twitter is:
  4. Their Discord link is:

Everybody in the space of web3 and nfts have heard of Moon Birds collection massive success in the Ethereum network , The nft collection that topped the charts in sales volume for the past few weeks ,For a floor price that is no lesser than 33 eth.

Many people greatest regret is that not getting a chance to mint in this big projects that is can be considered a life changing event or opportunity.

Moonbears Nft Collection on solana blockchain can be considered the new alpha that is going to come out in the next few weeks or days nothing confirmed yet ,but all that is known is that Moonbears collection is a fast growing nft community that managed to gain popularity in shocking speed among nft enthusiasts in both discord and twitter.

Here is MoonBears MoonMap or Roadmap

And Here is What is Known So Far Waiting For More Info:

Moonbears gang is a community first PFP project on Solana blockchain. the roadmap has been designed to give back to the community, having innovative long-term utility. As a brand that wants to grow along with a tight, good vibes only community. Moonbears teams have previous experience from web2 companies and web3 investing.

Is the team doxxed?

the team consists of web2 professionals, investors, and creatives with a shared passion for web3. They have been investing in NFTs for over a year now. They plan to dox well ahead of mint to maintain trust and confidence in our ability to execute.

What are your goals for the project?

The mission is to build a tight and good vibes only community on Solana. They plan to give opportunities for their holders through their project by making connections and raising knowledge. They think they are actively contributing to the growth of the Solana ecosystem.

Price and supply?

The price to be determined later but the supply is 4444, join discord to stay updated.

Wen mint?

Mint date is to be determined ,join discord to stay updated.

How to get whitelisted? these are the ways you can get yourself a WL or OG spot! We’re handpicking.

1. Stay active, helpful, and friendly in our channels. We’re always keeping an eye out for new @Moonlist recruits, the @Team will be hand picking members that they believe deserves a spot.

2. Fan art & meme submissions. Submit your art to 🎨┃fan-art & 🤪┃memes channel. We have already rewarded a couple of talented & creative members for their work, and will continue to do this on a daily basis, so don’t stop. Be creative!

3. Change your PFP to their logo & tweet about us! Use the hashtag #Moonbears and @ us in replies of big influencers. Let’s blow the SOL NFT space up! Post your tweets in ┃tweet-proof .

4. Turn on our Twitter notifications and interact with ALL tweets & announcements. To build a strong and rewarding community, we need everyone to be as involved as possible. We see you bears.

5. Add moon emoji and star emoji to the end of your Discord name! Not your server profile. Your actual Discord ID.

6. Be creative! We’re sure there are other ways that you can grab our attention, so try something different to make you stand out from the crowd. Important: Botting and spamming is NOT tolerated. Anyone botting/inviting bots are getting instantly banned from Moonbears. Remember: Take time for yourself and enjoy. We’re all here for the same reason. Make friends, tell jokes, and network with some cool people! We’re not going anywhere.

What marketplaces will you be listed on?

Main platform is Magic Eden but if community feels they will try to list on somewhere else too, They will seriously think about it.

Can your DAO, Alpha group or project collab with Moonbears?

We have a Docs you can fill out, make sure you are the owner / shotcaller of the project you are applying for.

Can i be a part of their team ?

As of right now they are looking for illustrators, animators and mods that they can count on to help them with consistent promotional content creation. They are checking the 🎨┃fan-art submissions for talent, but if you’d like to apply directly, please open a ticket from 🚨┃help channel.

Their Twitter is:

Their Discord link is: