Is it feasible to get free Bitcoins without having to buy them?


You certainly can earn Bitcoins and even earn interest.

There’s no denying that purchasing bitcoin is a sound long-term investment.
However, if you want to invest in Bitcoin without taking any risks or enhance your Bitcoin holdings, taking surveys is one of the simplest ways to earn free bitcoin online. This article will show you where to find paid surveys and earn bitcoins for free.

Don’t expect to make a life performing part-time employment like answering surveys. However, it is still a viable option for accumulating bitcoins in your leisure time.

Everything will be worthwhile. Nothing matches the joy of watching your Bitcoin balance grow without having to spend any money.
In the long run, your bitcoins you earn will double, triple, or even increase 1000 times if you hold on to it.

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Bitcoin was the best-performing currency in the previous decade. In 2010, a $1 investment in Bitcoin would today be worth over $90,000!

The task is straightforward and ideal for beginners. Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, in any location, on your own time and schedule, and without the requirement for a bank account!

One of the best things about earning bitcoins through paid internet surveys is that you don’t have to spend any money. Companies are eager to pay money for your opinions, it turns out. Companies can improve and produce better products and services with your useful feedback. They will compensate you directly for your time in exchange.

Cointiply is a cryptocurrency-only reward website or app that gives away small amounts of cryptocurrencies for free, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash. Founded in 2018, Cointiply promises to be the world’s #1 Bitcoin Rewards Platform, with over 2.7 million users worldwide and over $3 million in payouts.

Every day, you can win a random quantity of Coins using Cointiply’s Bitcoin faucet in only one click.

Here are a some of the most common ways to make money on Cointiply:

Simple acts such as taking small surveys, completing offers, installing apps, playing games, and watching videos will earn you coins.
Get free coins every hour by logging into Cointiply and clicking the “Roll & Win” button.
Be a loyal user — Simply by being active on the site, you can earn extra. Every day you log in, you’ll gain a 1% loyalty bonus on your faucet rolls.

Multiply your coins to earn interest — This game allows you to multiply your coins up to 61 times. You may also earn 5% annual interest on your existing coins by just leaving them in your account (minimum 35,000 coins).
Earn a referral incentive by inviting your friends.

How do you get paid with Cointiply

10,000 Coins = US$1

Every action you do on Cointiply earns you coins. When you cash out, you can convert your coins to Bitcoin, Dogecoin or LTC
To withdraw cash from your Bitcoin wallet, you’ll need at least 50,000 coins ($5), and a minimum of 30,000 coins ($3) from your DOGE wallet.

How to Start Using Cointiply
Joining and using Cointiply is 100% free.

Cointiply is a simple and uncomplicated way to get started. Create a new account using your email ID and fill out your profile.
All new accounts are automatically accepted, and you may begin earning free Bitcoin straight away.

Cointiply, like other faucet sites, requires time and effort to make a good quantity of money. I would recommend Cointiply to everyone who enjoys playing games, sharing their ideas, watching videos, or surfing the web because it has one of the highest paying averages on the market.

The Bitcoin rewards platform also provides a diverse selection of earning options. You can find something that works for you and allows you to earn free bitcoin while doing something you already enjoy.

Invest an hour or two a day in earning money/bitcoins with Cointiply instead of lazily scrolling through Facebook or watching TV.

Thanks for reading my article. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win.