Is Alok Badatia’s digital marketing course the best for freelancers?


Yaa, I know that pain, when you know how to deliver top-notch service but don’t know how to actually persuade people to avail of that service, I have been there. But not anymore.

Because I have found an institution, actually I won’t call it an institution but a solution for all your freelancing problems.

Okay, let me break the suspense.

The solution is called Aadme.

Aadme provides advanced diploma in digital marketing, for both agency owners and freelancers.

First, let me tell you how I come across Aadme

Actually, I am also a guy like you who struggled to get clients, if at all I got clients I was so bad at closing them. So I was searching many youtube videos on closing clients and charging them high ticket prices. I randomly fell on a video from Alok badatia sir and I just clicked on the video without any hope.

But after I fully watched the video I was wondering how this man is spilling everything for free, while others are charging to teach the same. And a thought arises in my mind that what if we take his training program. And that’s when I discovered Aadme.

Who can take Aadme training?

Anyone who wants to make a career out of digital marketing like agency owners, students, job seekers, freelancers, etc

So if you are a freelancer like me then you must definitely take the training

Aadme not only teaches you the syllabus but also gives you real-time assignments to make you a unique and valuable freelancer in the industry

And I bet you after the training you will get the confidence and spirit which will make you do your sales presentation like a pro.

About Aadme

The founder of Aadme is Alok Kumar badatia sir who has extreme knowledge about the digital marketing industry, he not only shares his knowledge but also shares his experience in the digital marketing industry, he is an all-rounder in digital marketing.

He has worked with several renowned companies like Wipro, LeEco, unacademy, national informatics center, and government of India digital 365.

Now let’s talk about the institution,

Aadme is not like any other institution, they approach in a different way that no one in the industry can provide that much value to its students.

Aadme is featured in Hindustan times, zee5, the print, your story, yahoo news, ANI news, etc.

Aadme provides a lot of values like conducting masterclasses that are not included in the curriculum ( a surprise for aadmeyens), 21 days rise up the challenge, paid internship, job assistance, unlimited doubt clearing sessions, weekend baithak, etc.

There are 3 classes for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours so time won’t be an issue.

So Aadme is the best choice to start or grow your freelance business

You can experience the institute by booking a free trial class

And can make decisions according to that…