Investorean — the stock screener app that you wanted!


Hello, dear investors and traders!

For those who are not familiar with financial markets yet — no worries, and also keep reading. This article isn’t going to be complicated to understand.

At the moment we can witness a strong bear market and a highly unpredictable global financial situation. All the markets are highly volatile and stormy. During such periods, we need to handle our financial assets even more accurately and safely than ever. We all use a different set of tools and resources when making investment decisions, but today I’d like to give you a quick introduction to a new stock screener app called “Investorean”. I truly believe that this app can help you to make your trading and investing choices faster and more efficiently. Just read till the end and decide if it’s something worth trying.

What is Investorean?

In simple words, Investorean is a stock screener app. It’s simple to use, mobile-friendly… and it’s a little special.

But let’s break it down.

Let’s say you have your portfolio on eToro or Robinhood, you use one of these brokers to buy and sell stocks. Let me ask you: how do you choose what to trade?

There are some basic metrics and information about stocks available on these trading platforms. You can just go through them one by one and try to find some good options. But when it comes down to using more advanced strategies you need some tool to analyze the market and choose stocks that follow your search criteria. Here stock screeners come for the rescue.

When you start searching for a stock screener app you may find quite a few options available on the market. The most popular ones I’d say are Finviz and TradingView. But the problem is that each broker is ONLY trading some specific set of stocks. And when you perform a search, the resulting stocks will not necessarily be available on your broker. And this waste of time trying to filter the “bad” results out is absolutely disappointing. This is why we built Investorean. To help people to make the choice faster. Investorean allows you to perform your search only within the stocks you can actually trade.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it currently supports two brokers: eToro and Robinhood. But it’s just the beginning of the journey, and more brokers will be supported in the near future.

And even if you trade on another broker which is not currently supported, you can always use Investorean to search without selecting a broker. Investorean has data for more than 30K stocks to offer, you can’t miss it!

Are you convinced now to give it a try? Then we kindly welcome you to the website. You can always check the FAQ page to get more information or reach out to our support. Please do not hesitate to share with us feedback and improvement ideas. We’d love to hear everyone!

Also, you can find us on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram.

We wish you safe trading and a green portfolio!