Investing into the Crypto and NFT Space


I was reading a survey on LinkedIn which asked; ´what is your one way for new investors to get into the NFT market´. It made me realise that somehow people expect to invest straight into the next Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and make huge returns in a very short period of time. Now this isn’t impossible, and many people will have got lucky, but this isn’t ‘the norm’ and is unrealistic as an expectation. So I put this together to help people assess projects or at least our opinion on how to assess projects!!!

My (basic) advice on investing into NFTs, and crypto generally. Please note I am not a financial advisor and these are some tips and advice based on my own experience. It is your responsibly to research, assess and evaluate each project.

• Firstly (and most importantly) Look for art you like! You could end up with just the art, so make sure you like it.

• Look at the team, is it doxxed? Not surprisingly very few ‘rugpulls’ occur when the team have revealed themselves publicly. Word of caution, there are teams that aren’t doxxed and do well (look at Deadfellaz) and I’m sure there are some scams carried out done by teams that have been doxxed. In my experience, doxxed teams stay with projects longer and handle more difficult situations better than un-doxxed teams.

• Look for utility which is real and also carries further than the road map… What have the team done to actually put the road map into play, or are they just listing stuff to excite you?

• Look for utility which will add value to the project, in particular at the moment, Metaverse integration (for example Martians vs Rednecks will have fully rigged 3D UE5 avatars which you can use across UE5 projects… this is crazy!!). Large scale gaming or links to Play to Earn gaming. Again check its real. Where is the metaverse? Who is running the game? These are the type of questions you should ask.

• Also with utility, are there free drops, or additional phases planned?

• Do the team have a strategy for ´problem situations’ This maybe difficult to determine because if they have a good strategy then you will probably see very few problems! Conversely, if they don’t have a good strategy, there may be problems.

• Are they ´safe and secure´, so are their technology and marketing partners experienced and have they ´done this before´

• What collaborations and partnerships do they have planned or in place?

• Does the project have an interesting and well-engaged good community and is it real? (7million subscribers in Youtube / followers on twitter isn’t real, especially if the majority of views only have 3 likes.)

• Does the community look like fun and hold values which you hold.

• Does the community look helpful, will they support you and help in various other crypto ventures (is there a community potential investment page?)

• Check listing sites like RaritySniper for numbers on discord, twitter followers etc and also interaction in those spaces and check their website — does it look like time and effort has been put into its design?

• Are the team innovative and offering new ideas? (this can be quite difficult for the team to do continuously but look for something more than one idea a month!)

• Are you happy to hold this NFT if the project drops in price?

• Finally, have a strategy, are you trying to make money on this, at what price will you sell/ buy more. Update your strategy, but look logically at this and be prepared for worst and best outcomes.

Sooooooo.. now you have read all this, flip to Martiansvs… and buy one! This is a genuine ´How to´ but you will be able to see that we build the Martianvs strategy on this model of what makes a great project!!

There are hopefully profits to be made in NFT investment, both short term and long term. But please, whether with us or other NFT projects, think hard and do your research before investing. Good luck and stay safe.