Investing Advice for Teenagers.


I’m assuming you are a teenager, and you are willing to improve your life/lifestyle in this world of tech companies trying to make you stick to their app. In the following segments of this article, I have mentioned three ways to invest your time and money to build a healthier life/lifestyle.

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1 Knowledge -

1.1. Books -

For, this was the best investment so far. Books enabled me to learn things I wouldn’t have encountered during those moments/feelings/experiences. The books made me choose different and logical paths rather than what I would have chosen with my unskilled decision-making skills in my teenage moments.

I suggest one start reading self-help books as it helps you understand a specific topic more broadly. In most cases, self-help books are backed up by lots of science-related papers, theories, anecdotes, etc. So far, self-help books helped me improve as a person.

1.2. Podcasts/Audiobooks -

If you’re not into reading books, then podcasts are you. You can start listening to podcasts from anywhere in the world. You can listen to audiobooks/articles while running, training, etc.

I suggest you start with Jay Shetty’s Podcasts.

1.3. Learn InDemand and the skills you love -

This is self-explanatory. Start learning a new skill since that keeps you learning continuously in life, and that’s important as a human being to keep learning even if we succeed. Contrarily, it helps you develop a skill that you can turn into a freelance service like web development, web design, etc.

1.4. Build Knowledge concerning Finance -

You might know how to earn through your new skills, but how would you manage your income? Some people fall in the loop of wasting money as soon as they start generating income. It can be in any form like buying designer clothes, wasting money on useless material things, etc. Sometimes, even ego plays an important role and makes you spend money where it is least considered.

I suggest one reads the following books to gain financial literacy as a teenager -

  1. Psychology of money.
  2. Ego is the enemy.
  3. The almanack of Naval Ravikant.

2 Business -

2.1. Find a way to build a business -

While you are a teen, you have a lot of free time like I did. One should use that time to build a business and start an income source. It doesn’t matter if you’re earning lower than someone else. What matters is that you are earning even $50 through your skills. I’m still a teenager, and I have built a business of mine. Some of my firms didn’t work out, but I learned uncountable skills through those experiences.

It is crucial to learn the core skills of running a business and managing clients/projects before one dives deep into their career as the experience benefits you later in life. You won’t realize the benefits right now, but they will get worth it later down the lane.

2.2. Learn the skill of delegating your work -

I am quite a busy teenager with a lot of work at hand. I’m not saying that to flex on anyone, but I’m overwhelmed with work mostly. As a teenager, I can not handle all the work by myself. Therefore, I learned the skill of delegating my work to my employees/the freelancers I hired. In this way, we all work as a team and complete as much work as possible.

2.3. Get work experience.

In India, we can do internships when we are in college. That is when one starts gaining work experience. In that case, I’d brush up on my resume and get ready to gain experience. Experience will add small bits of improvement to your life, but it can hold an immense value. Therefore, before aiming for the bigger fish, you start working from the smaller one.

In the US, you can get jobs effortlessly. However, we don’t have that in India. Although, I believe most countries support that and you should start gaining work experience whenever you can.

The opportunities are always endless. It depends if you’re willing to dedicate time and effort to that opportunity and make the best out of it.

3 Personal Life -

3.1. Help people so that they can help you.

I heard a family member say, “What you do, comes back to you one day”. Some people will believe that, and some people won’t. However, I have witnessed it happen. It’s okay if you disagree with it. I have helped countless people throughout my journey, and the same people came back to help me when I needed it the most. We built a group of friends, and we’re still friends to date.

It is not only for getting help from others but developing relationships/friendships that never end.

3.2. Invest in Journaling.

Journaling is a way to write down what you felt that day and touch upon them when you pass them behind. I use it to jot down the decisions I made and look back at them in the future to understand why I made them. I have zero regrets as it helps me understand why I made those decisions several years ago.

End Notes -

Well, that’s it from my side. I know this article was a very short one, but it was a crucial article for the Genz teenagers to grow with such a profound technology and take advantage of it. I’ll make sure we get back on track for uploading articles on time from next Wednesday.

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