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Learn how you can participate in our i3D Angel NFT Launch

By creating Decentralised Venture Capital at Invluencer, we aim to redefine how to invest in early start-ups and we couldn’t do this without placing communities at the heart of everything we do.

We have discussed in our previous blog post how the community plays such an active role in our technical solution, but now we would like to open the doors to investors with our issuance of our Genesis i3D Angel NFTs and subsequent Murmurs.

Yes, we’re doing a drop!

What we are offering is:

  • an i3D Angel NFT that grants you access to our data marketplace with all the reports on early start-ups assessed by the community, and
  • an allocation of 2000 i3D Tokens that can be traded or staked to allow you to perform analytical work in the marketplace and be rewarded with extra tokens

How much we’re aiming for and How we’re using the funds

Genesis NFT Stats

Use of funds — Raise dependant on MATIC Price

Our Mission

Our Mission at Invluencer is to create a new and disruptive system that redefines the inequitably stacked economics of venture capital. An essential part of successful investing is a successful screening process — something usually not available to the ordinary investor due to the poor data environment in which early-stage companies operate. Instead of risking an investment for the fear of missing out, poor intelligence, or reliance on an expensive analysis, we want everybody to be able to access and contribute to our “Intelligent Distributed Due Diligence” (i3D) Protocol and get paid for doing so.

Development Roadmap

Q3 2019 Company formed and concept validated

Q2 2020 Whitepapers Completed

Q4 2020 Friends and Family Funding

Q2 2021 MVP i3D Arena Completed and in testing

Q4 2021 i3D Rapid and NFT designed

The i3D Rapid App for Network Effects designed to ‘build plus reward’ a large and growing community for partaking in rapid validation of ideas. Access to this data is controlled by the i3d Angel NFT through smart code integration with the platform

Q2 2022 Start i3D Angel NFT launches

Minting Now

Name: Genesis Launch: May 2022 Number: 2222 i3D Tokens: 2000

Name: Murmur 1 Launch: June 2022 Number: 3333

Name: Murmur 2 Launch: July 2022 Number: 4444

Name: Murmur 3 Launch: August 2022 Number: 5555

Name: Murmur 4 Launch: September 2022 Number: 6666

Q3 2022 Complete Coding

During this period we plan to complete the coding and API’s with our partners for the i3D Arena & i3D Rapid in preparation for full mainnet launch

Q4 2022 i3D and Upsilon Launch

Mainnet launch of full protocol and seeding of the DAO Upsilon Fund with the proceeds from the i3D Token proceeds

How to buy an Angel and Make it yours

Purchase of the NFT is at our Minting site

We’re using the latest technology to make the process as easy as possible. Follow this handy guide on our minting site to learn more. We also have an explainer video

  1. Install the MetaMask browser extension if you don’t already have it. It is a wallet that works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave.
  2. Click on the MetaMask icon in your browser window extensions and follow the steps to register an account if you don’t already have one. You will create a new password and the seed phrase during the process. If you do have an account you will need to connect to the existing MetaMask wallet using your password and the seed phrase (if required).
  3. In order to Mint an i3D Angel, you need 200 Polygon(MATIC) coins. Connect the Polygon Network to your Metamask wallet by going to, finding Polygon Mainnet in the list, and clicking on “Connect Wallet”. Then “Add to Metamask”. Approve the new network and confirm switching to it.
  4. In order to add MATIC to your MetaMask wallet, copy your Polygon address from the MetaMask window and use it for direct deposit from a Polygon wallet elsewhere, OR switch networks to Ethereum Mainnet, click “Buy” to buy Ethereum (either via MetaMask or using ETH direct transfer) and use the MetaMask “Swap” feature to convert this ETH to 200 MATIC.
  5. Then come back to the website, refresh it if needed, and click on the Connect to the MetaMask button. Verify that your MetaMask uses Polygon Mainnet and click “Next” to confirm the connection. Make sure that you have at least 200 MATIC to complete the transaction. The Connect to Metamask will change to Mint.
  6. Then Click “Mint” and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask pop-up.

You will receive a pop up confirmation of your purchase where you’ll need to provide your email. Once minting process is complete, we will use that email to send you the links to where you can view your i3D Angel and its attributes.

Please note this may take some time due to Network Congestion

For more information on the full i3D Protocol read here:

Here you will find information on why we built the i3D Protocol, our team, details on the i3D Arena & Rapid App and our planned Upsilon Dry Powder Mining Fund for Capital Preservation and passive yields.

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