InvArch. The new way of protecting your unique product.


InvArch is a new and unique project coming out. This is a next-generation blockchain created using Substrate for tokenization of intellectual property, compatible with Polkadot.

Until now, to protect your idea or a unique product, it was necessary to patent it. That is, to go through a lot of legal procedures and instances to get the protection of your product (patent).

Fortunately, blockchain technologies are bursting into the modern world at a rapid pace, which makes our life much easier and makes it more decentralized, technological, and secure.

The InvArch project team has come up with an ingenious solution to tokenize your idea. And it can be anything from audio, photo, video recordings, ending with business relations and the right to own real estate.
Simply put, all ideas become tokens that belong directly to the owner and do not require lengthy procedures with patents. The owner also shares intellectual property tokens with the team and interested investors, which allows them to be involved in the business processes of the new project.

How will this be implemented?

This will be implemented at the expense of three cards and the $VARCH project token.

IPF-token: in fact, it is a token proving your right to own an asset (NFT), containing metadata with a unique identifier inside the blockchain.

IPT-token: These are interchangeable tokens, unlike IPF. They are needed to distribute ownership rights, simplify the distribution of royalties, grant access rights and authorization levels for IP Files, determine the weight of the vote of participants when managing an IP Suite or to achieve consensus in the DAO, use as an internal native currency for decentralized applications, as well as to simplify the conclusion of copyright license agreements.

IP set: consists of IPF and thereby forming a “collection” suitable for the set. InvArch uses a grouping scheme for IPF, but with slightly milder restrictions and advanced features. InvArch has fully composite and interchangeable IPF collections called IP Sets, as well as IP SubSets. IP Sets allow you to combine different IPF, regardless of their initial Set, in various combinations for various user tasks.

Let’s summarize the results

The unlimited variety of supported file types allows any InvArch user to take existing programs, modules, and data, adapt them to their needs, or build something new on top.

The metadata of the IP Set includes a unique and automatically assigned on-chain identifier, an associated asset ID that serves instead of the public address of the owner of the Set, optional classification tags, a copyright license agreement, and an XCA plagiarism check status flag.

Thus, the Project makes it possible to achieve the tasks set using ready-made InvArch tools.