Introducing — Surf Lodge


We’re proud to be introducing SurfLodge, the first next-generation AMM DEX inside the Velas Chain. Built on Balancer V2, we’re bringing bleeding-edge technology to our users and community, looking to be a one-stop-shop for Decentralized Financial Services on Velas.

The Beginning

We have built on top of the novel creations brought to DeFi by the Balancer Team to leverage their technology to generate automated index funds that yield returns through trading fees from traders who will rebalance your portfolio when following arbitrage opportunities.
We also provide features to maximize capital efficiency for traders, allowing for low slippage trading and effective stableswaps, essentially revolutionizing the DeFi trading experience on Velas, making room for higher on-chain volume, more cost-effective trading, and the possibility of custom AMMs.

Surf Lodge’s Values

The approach taken by the Balancer Team to building in DeFi is one that we greatly admire, and there is one aspect that rings true to us, community governance and decentralization. A protocol’s users and community are what allow the protocol to exist. The tech gets us halfway. Still, a solid and engaged community committed to the protocol’s success is invaluable. We believe the best way for a community to be robust is for its members to have a voice in the courses taken by the protocol.
Although the Balancer product is fantastic, we believe other technologies can be leveraged to expand the ecosystem, and there is plenty of room for innovation. We look forward to bringing out an advanced sustainable ecosystem.

At Launch

The following features will be built and usable from launch

Stable Pools

Stable AMMs are now an integral part of DeFi trading, the system popularized by Curve allows for more efficient swapping algorithms for tokens that should be traded at parity or close to it (e.g., Stablecoins).
These pools allow for larger trades of these stable assets, incurring less price impact upon trades.

Weighted Pools

Weighted Pools are a generalization of the standard constant product AMM popularized by Uniswap. Each pool can contain up to 8 different tokens, and each token is assigned a weight defining what fraction of the pool is made up by each asset. It’s even possible for users to compose their pools, essentially allowing them to own their custom index funds and receive rewards from swap fees incurred by traders.


The wrapped version of SURF Tokens (fSURF) is the governance token of the Surf Lodge Protocol. It entitles users to revenue sharing of the protocol’s income and bi-weekly voting power for the allocations of the protocol’s gauge emissions.


1st Quarter
Lending and Borrowing — We aim to implement a non-custodial native lending and borrowing system based on Aave’s linear lending pools, which will work to increase further revenue generated by the Surf Lodge Protocol

2nd Quarter
Locking for fSURF - fSURF will later be implemented as a locked vesting token to incentivize community participation and reduce sell pressure.
On-Chain Governance
MetaStable Pools — These represent a generalization of stable pools containing tokens with gradually shifting prices. The interest-bearing receipts from tokens being lent on our platform will be usable in our metastable pools, allowing our users to provide liquidity for lending simultaneously as they provide liquidity for swaps, and it’s all happening in-house!

3rd Quarter
On-Chain Governance- In the spirit of decentralization, we aim to make the protocol completely community-governed, with an on-chain governance voting system. This is the final step of the evolution of the protocol as part of the development team’s designs. Once this is implemented, it will be up to a community governed DAO to decide on the future of the Surf Lodge Protocol.


Our Team is composed of hungry and experienced DeFi developers with backgrounds in software engineering and business management and a combined experience of over 15 years in these fields.
We greatly admire the Balancer AMM, and we are happy to bring it onto the Velas Chain, as we believe the technology is sorely needed in this new blossoming DeFi Space. We aim to become the leading decentralized financial services platform on Velas.

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