Introducing Holostars: Where You Can Invest In Your Passion For Sports On The Blockchain


In recent years we have seen rapid growth in the blockchain sector. What started with Bitcoin has opened the door for innovators to turn passion into reality through the new technology that web3 offers. This is exactly what Aaron Ganson, the CEO of Holostars and former college athlete of the Bradley University Men’s basketball team, is setting out to accomplish along with his dedicated team. The web3 world offers a plethora of opportunities for various sectors such as business, gaming, finance, music, art and….even sports. Ganson and the Holostars team are building a platform that brings sports fans and NFT enthusiasts together to celebrate a love of sports.

Below you can find out more about what Holostars offers, how to get involved and the company’s vision for bringing an estimated four billion dollar industry to the blockchain, but in a way that empowers athletes, artists and the broader community.

What is Holostars?

As mentioned, Holostars is one of the first virtual sports memorabilia companies merged with Web3. Holostars is made by athletes, for athletes on the polygon blockchain and has already established a functional marketplace where you will soon be able to browse and shop for exclusive sports memorabilia NFTs that are created in collaboration with the athletes themselves. Athletes are recruited and brought into Holostars as partners, where they are matched with artists to bring their vision for their personal brand to life in the form of non-fungible tokens, stored forever on the blockchain with records to prove authentic ownership of each unique piece. Several athletes have already been signed to partner with the company, while the recruiting team is focused on continuing to bring more on board.

What are the benefits of Holostars?

Virtual sports memorabilia is a recently established market, but already valued as a billion dollar industry expected to grow at a rate of ten percent within the next ten years. Bringing this industry to the blockchain will provide a multitude of improvements including clear records of authenticity, transparency, increase accessibility to people all over the world to engage with the value offered, solve existing problems in the sports industry and empower athletes to be in control of their content. Providing a digital marketplace will allow for anyone who wants to be more involved with sports and express their love of the game and players, to do it whenever and wherever they want. Each NFT fluctuates in value, and can be bought or sold using the cryptocurrency $MATIC or held as a digital asset as the blockchain and industry grows and evolves.

Holostars also offers passive income opportunities to athletes, artists and digital agents.

  • Athletes are given a percentage of each NFT that sells on the marketplace, while also being empowered to have control over their style and brand.
  • Artists are able to promote their work by designing the NFTs with the athletes input and sell customizable templates on the marketplace, in which they will also receive a percentage of the sales amount for each NFT they create.
  • Digital agents are individuals in the community who bring athletes on board and will receive a cut of the sales for each NFT that the athlete has designed and sold.

Importantly, bringing together sports fans from all over the world to participate in the community is a huge aspect of what Holostars offers. Not only will you be able to connect with like-minded people with similar passions, but you gain access to connecting with the real-life athletes working with Holostars. Further, being a part of the community will come with perks only provided to holders or active participants including but not limited to; special giveaways, access to events, networking opportunities, competitions, voting rights, having a stake in the Holostars ecosystem and upgrades based on your feedback of what you would love to see Holostars offer next. At Holostars, we are a team and the roadmap and utility will constantly be reviewed and revised to meet the needs of our most dedicated members.

Holostars Roadmap — to be updated as all milestones are met.

Upcoming “Starting Five” Drop

The first official drop for Holostars will be our Starting Five collection on May 13th 2022. This drop will feature five of our signed athletes in the form of NFTs with a limited supply of 100. For our first drop, each NFT will only cost 5 $MATIC to mint and will be an excellent way to get started with Holostars. Due to being on the Polygon Network, one will not have to worry about high gas fees, but you should fund your wallet with a bit more just to ensure the transaction is successful. If you happen to miss out on this drop, do not worry as there will be much more to come. You can also find our first 1000 classic passes that were minted for free and offer the holder exclusive discounts here!

Please feel free to make a ticket in our discord if you have any questions or send us a DM on our official twitter. We would love to hear from you! Also make sure to follow all of our social accounts to ensure you are kept up to the date with the latest news!

Are you ready to make your play?

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