Introducing Bonafide; The digital dollar account you must have 💸

Introducing Bonafide; the digital dollar account you must have

Global integration, driven by technology, transportation, and international trade, has resulted in our present-day interconnected world. The increased flow of goods, knowledge, and people across borders has brought prosperity to many countries, lifting many people out of poverty. But, as the exchange of goods, services, and technology evolve and grow, the web of economic and commercial ties across the world deteriorates with more frequent and larger gaps in it.

Arguably, international trade may command weightier attention from the public, what matters for human welfare is the quality, rather than the quantity, of globalization. As global economic integration deteriorates, its benefits for everyone are eroding especially in developing countries.

Across the globe, everyone’s top desire is to live and appreciate life. People want to live in peace, educate their children, care for their loved ones, make a decent living, and, if possible, save for the future. For decades this simple but profound freedom and state of economic safety remained accomplished, jointly with increased international relations until their accelerated corrosion due to the introduction and adoption of tech-enabled decentralized financial vehicles by developed countries and financial institutions. As a result, the world’s fraction of the ‘developing population’ is faced with extreme vulnerability to local economic insecurity, cross-border restrictions, and financial exclusion. All of these threats are global, as they are common to all humanity, and can be lastingly reduced only by a global cooperative action- one that delivers economic safety and unrestricted inclusion. Successful economic cooperation is needed to achieve tangible deliverable results in the absence of global engagement by markets, international institutions, and governments.

That is why we at Bonafide are working tirelessly to build a robust system that offers global financial services in a simple and secure way. We are harnessing technology as a tool to bridge the gap between centralized fintech and decentralized finance, promoting economic empowerment and democratizing access to financial services. Bonafide is a digital dollar wallet, payment, and collections infrastructure that allows individuals and businesses to save, send, and receive money in digital dollars from anywhere across the world with no cross-border restrictions.

With Bonafide you can create a digital dollar account that you have always wanted from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer as if you were in the United States. The best thing is that you can make borderless transactions independently, without having to connect the wallet with other banking systems like some applications ask you to. Click on the following link to sign up for free on Bonafide. and enjoy zero monthly maintenance fees, as all US bank accounts do.

Save, Send, and Receive digital dollars anywhere with Bonafide

Complete and verify your Bonafide digital dollar account to gain a seamless experience on our platform where you can also build your personal economy as you stand a chance to earn 2.5% annual interest on your Bonafide wallet balance or over $2,000 in the weekly draws available to individual users through our DEFI Protocols staking model.

The world is now virtually interconnected, and online payments will end up covering all areas. We believe in contributing to the freedom of people by easing the stress of cross-border transactions and protecting their savings from devaluation. With Bonafide, using the strongest currency on the planet -the dollar- you can safeguard your personal funds from inflation or other local commercial turbulence, and share money with your family, friends, and business partners in minutes.

Bonafide is the digital dollar account you must have.

Become a Bonafide user today. #GoBeyondBorders