Indonesia Survives Global Recession, Really?

Source Image : Pexels (Ahsan Jaya)

The threat of a global recession is in sight, and many countries have already experienced the impact of this recession. However, behind it all, bank indonesia as the central bank is still optimistic that economic growth in indonesia will continue to improve throughout the year.

The central bank expects indonesia’s economy to continue to grow strongly between 4.5 percent — 5.3 percent so far this year.

“economic growth in 2022 is predicted to remain biased upwards within the range of bank indonesia’s projection at 4.5 percent — 5.3 percent,

“said bank indonesia governor perry warjiyo in a press conference in jakarta, thursday (20/10).

If we look at the countries in europe at the end of this year it is estimated that it will only grow by 0.7 percent, because in several european countries

The inflation rate is expected to have risen to 9.2 percent. So what exactly makes the indonesian economy still able to survive to suppress the inflation rate?

Economic improvement

The improvement in the national economy is also reflected in the performance of key business fields, such as trade, mining, and agriculture.

Not only this year but indonesia’s strong economic growth until next year is expected to remain strong, despite the threat of slowing global economic growth in 2023.

However, indonesia also needs to be prepared to face the upcoming economic storm, because some expert experts say a country as big as america, britain, and also china will experience inflation and recession. Indonesia as a developing country, almost some of the country’s smoking sectors are still dependent on imported products from these three countries, likely, indonesia will also experience an economic slowdown.