Improve Your Personal Finance with This Free Courses!

Wes Hicks

With the current economic volatility that we are facing, inflation, and all of the uncertainty because of the pandemic many people finally realize that they are not actually financially prepared and capable in controlling their money. Across the Globe many people start reducing their consumption and increasing their portion of saving and investment.

Some people might on a phase where they only start to figuring out how to save, budget or even start selecting the investment instrument that suitable for them. Each of them have a different phase in life related to their financial journey.

With this in mind, there are a lot of free personal finance courses that are being offered online that can help you on each phase of financial journey. In this article I tried to collect some of the free financial course that might be interest you. However, please keep in mind that these courses are not meant to completely substitute for a professional financial help. The information that you get from this courses should be applied within context of your own financial situation, rather than following the course 100%.

  1. Managing Personal Cash and Credit, EDX
    This course is offered by Edx with collaboration with Indiana University. You will discover the 5 c’s of credit, how to improve your credit score, and how to determine if a line of credit is right for you. Time estimation: you should be able to finish the course within 4 weeks with 4–6 hours per week.
  2. Foundations of Finance, EDX
    This course also offered by Edx with collaboration with University of Cambridge. The course itself provide a rigorous, but straightforward, introduction to the key concepts of financial understanding. Using real-world case studies ad practitioner interviews. Time estimation: 5 weeks with 3–5 hours per week.
  3. Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making, EDX
    This course is offered by Edx with collaboration with University of Michigan. You will learn the apply frameworks and smart tools for understanding and making everyday financial decisions. Time estimation: 6 weeks with 5–6 hours per week.
  4. Managing My Money for Young Adults, Open Edu
    This course will help you in managing your money, learn how to make your money work harder and go further. This course will be very suitable for Young Adults 18 -25 years old, but it might also help for everyone outside those age range. Time estimation: 12–16 hours
  5. Managing My Money, Open Edu
    You will be able to gain the skills to manage your personal finances: managing budgets, debts, investments, property purchase, pensions and insurance. Time estimation: 24 hours
  6. Personal Finance 101, Udemy
    This course offered by Udemy. With only less than 3 hours of on-demand video you will learn everything you need to know about personal finance in the US, presented through concise, engaging, animated videos.
  7. Personal Finance: Obliterate Debt, Accumulate Wealth, Udemy
    You will be able to learn on how to dealing with debt, winning the market and getting the most out of yourself. With only 38 minutes of on-demand videos, you should be able to complete this course pretty fast.
  8. Making Sense of Your Personal Finances, Udemy
    This free course will help you to lean how to Understand and set financial goals, prepare a budget, save effectively and manage your debt. Time estimation: 1 hour 22 min on-demand video
  9. Introduction to Life Insurance and Retirement Savings, Alison
    This course will give you an in-depth look at life insurance and its different types, as well as Traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs. Upon completing this course you should be able to describe the difference between whole and term life insurance, identify the differences between traditional and Roth IRA, and describe the features of a 401 (K)
  10. Money Skills, MRU
    You can find a collection of course in video format. The course will revolve around investing, real estate, career and saving.