Idle DAO Meta-Delegate Program: first batch kickoff!

  1. Universities meet DAOs
  2. Idle Meta Delegate Program: benefits for students
  3. About the first organizations onboarded
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We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Meta Delegate program, whereby university organizations will have the opportunity to participate in the Idle DAO governance activities and, for this commitment, gain vote delegations from $IDLE holders.

This initiative aims to improve governance engagement while including culture and values from the academy among the DAO. Thanks to this program, organizations will be able to hold discussions, work on specific activities, propose new ideas, and participate in building the future of the Idle protocol.

Universities meet DAOs

As mentioned in our previous meta governance article, several DAOs have decided to involve university organizations in their governance activities. Groups of students and researchers, motivated by their interest in decentralized organizations and DeFi, delve into the activities of discussions, proposals, and storytelling of new ideas.

The rationale behind selecting only university organizations for this phase of the program is that students are interested in applying practically what has so far been learned theoretically. They will live this experience as a unique entity, as a community.

Idle Meta Delegate Program: benefits for students

Students who will participate actively in the DAO’s activities will see several benefits coming from this program:

  • Guided preparation and execution of a voting delegation pitch (transfer of voting power from Idle token holders to the student group);
  • General onboarding support by Idle DAO members;
  • Idle POAPs (NFTs certification) for different engagement levels;
  • Get media exposure by publishing content in Idle Medium;
  • $IDLE loans without any fee, organizations will be able to vote on Snapshot as well;
  • Gas fees reimbursement for on-chain voting executions.

About the first organizations onboarded

Currently, the first two organizations to officially participate in the Idle Meta Delegate Program are:

UBC Blockchain club (link)

The UBC Blockchain Club, founded in January of 2022, allows students to learn about the emerging industries built on blockchain technology. Through workshops, events, and educational resources, students can exploit the possibilities of these new industries and have opportunities to get involved with the future of finance. Their goal is to foster innovation and accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 in their community.

Imperial Blockchain Group (link)

Imperial Blockchain Group is a group branching out from Imperial College London, and is active across all fields of Blockchain ranging from developments to trading/investing. The club has quickly grown to 300+ members within 3 months of launching and has onboarded partnerships such as 1KX and Nomura and co-hosted many conferences across the UK.

Join the program

This initiative is the beginning of a journey that will welcome organizations interested in the topic of DAOs, contributing significantly to the growth of the Idle ecosystem.

If you are a university organization that is interested in blockchain and willing to play a key role in DeFi and DAOs, then you are the right fit for this initiative.

To join the Idle Meta Delegate Program, please fill out this form.

For more information and support about the initiative, feel free to join Idle Discord and reach out to EmixPrime | Idle DAO#7473.