I Tried Upwork’s Project Catalog

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Upwork’s Project Catalog is their gig marketplace, set up similar to Fiverr. You can create projects, post them to the marketplace then, sit back and wait to get booked. It’s another income stream you can pursue as a freelancer.

Here’s my experience using it so far…

What is Upwork’s Project Catalog?

It looks like this…


I really like this option for people looking for help with their projects. I’ve used Upwork many times to hire people for help and it can really be hit and miss sometimes.

I think I’d have a much better chance of hiring from their project catalog.


As a buyer, you’ll be able to browse categories like:

  • Design
  • Video and audio
  • Writing and translation
  • Marketing
  • And, other categories

Before booking the project, you can send a question to the seller and when you’re ready, buy!

For the seller, it’s a great way to diversify your freelance work on the same platform. You can both bid for projects that clients post and feature projects you can perform in their Project Catalog.

Upwork Projects vs Fiverr

I’ve been on both platforms, Upwork Project Catalog and Fiverr.

Which one is better?

They’re both pretty comparable.

But, I like Upwork better, despite making more money on Fiverr.

It’s a lot easier to set up a project on Upwork.

Fiverr feels like it’s a million steps, in my opinion. Even being more familiar with Fiverr’s platform, it’s still a pain to add a project. There are just too many options for me.

With Upwork, it takes just a few steps and the entire process is streamlined.

Much preferred.

What projects do I have on Upwork?

Here’s a look at the projects I have posted…

Pinterest Management


The Pinterest Management project is for clients that need help managing their Pinterest account. I have been a Pinterest manager for years and I manage clients now outside Upwork so this was just an extension of what I already do.

Pinterest Pin Creation

The second project I have is for Pinterest pin creation. For clients that want to outsource this process , I’m available to create 10+ custom Pinterest pins for them.

I plan on adding more projects this month.

My top performing gig on Fiverr is my Tik Tok posting so I’ll probably add a similar gig to Upwork Project Catalog plus some additional social media-based or content-based projects.

My results after 30+ days

So far I have booked one project through the Project Catalog.

I booked one project through Upwork’s Project Catalog!

It was the Starter package for the Pinterest Custom Pins project for $20 and the client was so happy with the results, she tipped me $5!


Small potatoes I know, but it’s a start.

This happened a few weeks ago. Prior to getting that project booked, I kind of forgot about the projects I had on Upwork.

Completing the project work lights a fire under me to get serious about the income potential from this.

I’ll be adding as many additional projects as I can and report back on my results in about 30 days with a progress report.

Have you tried Upwork Project Catalog yet?

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