I Read Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” So You Don’t Have To



Klaus Schwab’s book might as well have been called “how to peacefully seize power in a democratic country”.

It is not only full of historical, economic, and social inaccuracies, but it overtly promotes more taxes and less liberty, presented as “good for the well-being of the people”.

For example, Schwab justifies mass lockdowns by the fact that if we hadn’t established them, too many people would have gotten sick and the economy would have collapsed completely.

No words about mental health, physical abuse, or basic human rights. They’re all sacrificed on the altar of economic performances.

His further call for “more government” is downright laudable, hypocritical, or tragically ignorant (which I doubt).

His claim that responsibility increased due to a decrease in government size is absolutely false, and this is proven by the number of civil servants, the number of laws that rule society, the growing deficit, or simply the budget allocated to governments yearly. All of them have only been rising.

Furthermore, more government risks not to improve any situation, but to make it much worse.

Indeed, governments don’t have the reputation to be high-achieving organizations.

Let’s have a look at some examples.

The war in Irak, the war in Afghanistan, the Uighurs in Xinjiang, the war in Libya, the war in Yemen, the war in Syria, the seizure of Crimea, Tchernobyl, the current energy crisis, and broadly, corruption, violence, arbitrary ruling, deficits, and inflation are mistakes only governments can make.

The underfunding of healthcare and of the education system that Schwab denounces are consequences of government management; the lack of jobs is a consequence of government policies; and social-economic inequalities have more to do with government fixing consequences instead of looking for the causes of the problem.

Regarding practices that could genuinely help society, such as the breakup of monopolies (Amazon), lowering barriers to entrepreneurship, increasing access to education, limiting junk food and other harmful edible, or pushing for local consumption, Klaus Schwab says nothing of it.

He’d rather you go vegan and eat pineapple flown from Brazil than eat local regenerative-grown meat.


Because a better world is not Klaus Schwab’s intention.

Make no mistakes, he does not fight so you can go to the hospital for free when your stomach hurts.

Schwab does not live in your world. He’s part of the worldwide global elite, the people you make money for in exchange for a meager salary that you’re giving back during the month anyway(through your rent, your food, your gas, and your taxes.)

Schwab does not want you to be happy and safe. He wants you to be silent and inoffensive so you don’t revolt and challenge his hegemony.

Overall, the Great Reset is a fascinating book. It shows the elite truly has no respect nor any type of consideration for the people that serve them (you and me.)

It also shows that if you’re not careful and fight for your rights, they will easily be taken away for the sake of “the greater good”.

Strange times.