I Found the Best Financial Education Channel on YouTube


It covers all the bases

The reason that I personally find so much value in The Plain Bagel is that it touches almost every base possible in the financial world.

I am a history buff and love learning about random and/or interesting events from the past. That kind of information can also become extremely useful as many of these events repeat at different points in history.

The Plain Bagel has a playlist where it does five-minute breakdowns of important historical financial events such as the Great Depression and Dot-Com Bubble.

These videos are quick but cover all the important details, allowing you to inform yourself about huge events in just a few minutes.

Richard also does random (but fun) videos like reviewing TikTok investment strategies and breaking down parts of The Big Short.

The great value comes from his deep dives on topics like interest rates, market corrections, investment FOMO, and more.

This is not a channel for someone looking for specifics on real estate investing, day trading, or stock picks. It’s for the person that likes to learn a little bit about everything in hopes of becoming a well-rounded financial mind.

It breaks large, hard-to-understand topics into bite-sized and digestible nuggets

Many of those topics I mentioned above are hard to understand for people. Hell, I don’t know how many times I’ll have to watch The Big Short to understand all the terminology that led to the Great Recession…

But The Plain Bagel does a wonderful job of turning those thick fruits into drinkable smoothies.

Some stuff may still go above your head. The financial world is incredibly difficult to navigate, which is why a relatively small number of people are able to find consistent success.

But thanks to The Plain Bagel, you’ll at least be closer to understanding these complex issues than you were yesterday.

It does not take advantage of its position

This is a different way of saying it doesn’t peddle cryptos or stocks to you.

Richard is not a stock picker, at least on YouTube. He quite literally is at his day job, but not in this realm.

This is great for investors that are somewhat new to the game.

In my humble opinion, as someone with four years of investing experience under his belt, it is very beneficial for investors to make their own picks.

It is your money, after all, and relying on some random person on the internet lead you to a promised land of profits can be dangerous.

Many “influencers,” financial or otherwise, merely push the stocks or cryptocurrencies that they are in so the price goes up and they can sell. Not all of them are like that, but enough are that you should be leery about who you listen to.

Plus, picking stocks isn’t that hard. You should have realistic expectations about your returns and pick solid, reliable stocks that are unlikely to sway too much in price.

You also shouldn’t invest more than you can lose or rely on your portfolio as a source of income. Otherwise, you will make short-term decisions that can build bad habits over time.

On the rare occasion that Richard discusses individual stocks, he makes clear that he is not endorsing the stock and encourages viewers to do their own research.