Hyperdex — Investment Cubes

Hyperdex investment cubes are simplified investment strategies each with a different risk level

What are investment cubes?

Investment cubes are simplified, all-in-one investment strategies offered by Hyperdex.

By investing in cubes, investors may choose from a variety of different strategies that reflect different risk appetites.

Hyperdex–A Brief Overview

Investment cube types

The first of our upcoming offerings, available on the platform launch date, are as follows:

Fixed Income Cube

A low-risk investment option that offers users fixed income on stablecoins and other crypto assets. Users can select from a number of Fixed Income Cubes based on their returns and expiration date.

Algo Trading Cube

A medium-risk investment option that uses automated trading protocols based on a pure statistical arbitrage algorithm. Algorithmic trading cubes aim to bring higher returns by identifying market discrepancies among leading crypto assets. When investing in an Algo Trading Cube, market execution is fully automated.

Race Trading Cube

A high-risk investment option that is similar in many ways to crypto prediction markets. Race Trading Cubes allow investors to predict the outcome of future price movements of a selected crypto asset. Race trading cubes automatically calculate and execute the entry, take profit, stop orders, and leverage on behalf of the investor.

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Investment Cubes Conclusion

With these three quintessential investment offerings, there are simple, pragmatic options for multiple styles of investing with a variety of returns and risk. As with all investments, users are urged to do their own due diligence and research to understand the risks associated with each type of cube before investing.

Final Notes

Hyperdex has recently announced the completion of the initial smart contract audits, with the platform set to launch soon.

The path ahead includes exciting new features and components for users, as outlined in the roadmap

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