Past week saw the global cryptocurrency market cap fall by 24%, from US$1.788 trillion to US$1.361 trillion, over the course of just five days (May 4–9). The Fed’s hawkish monetary policy decisions, a concentrated sell-off of Bitcoin and the plunge in LUNA’s market price were all factors that led crypto market participants to seek low-risk and stable investment strategies.

What is PrimeEarn?

To cater to market demand, Huobi Global introduced PrimeEarn, a crypto financial management product which focuses on offering high APYs for fixed deposits for mainstream assets. PrimeEarn events are normally held every Tuesday, offering investors a chance to gain up to 40% APY for staking mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, USDT and ETH for 14 days.

The PrimeEarn events have proven popular among investors since its launch in December last year — the total deposit pool accumulated by PrimeEarn to date stands at 2.3 billion USDT, and the total interest given out hits 4 million USDT. The 14th PrimeEarn event saw all of its products sold out within 1 minute.

The next PrimeEarn event will be rolling out next Tuesday, and excitement and interest around this event has remained high as ever? Users can choose to either team up to get boosted APY or deposit independently to gain APY booster coupons. APY booster coupon airdrops await all participants. Read on to find out how to take part and obtain such attractive perks!

Original APY of PrimeEarn assets:

16th PrimeEarn Event
Event time: 11:00 on May 24, 2022 (UTC)

Subscription rules

Users need to commit to a certain amount of flexible deposit assets before the PrimeEarn event starts;
The platform will allocate the deposit amount a user is entitled to subscribe to based on his/her five-day daily average deposit amount of flexible assets. The flexible deposit time will be calculated from 16:00 on May 18 to 16:00 on May 23 (UTC).
The platform will calculate a user’ daily average deposit amount of flexible assets at 16:00 on May 23 (UTC).
Please note that flexible deposit assets that qualify for PrimeEarn are limited to BTC, ETH and USDT. The more amount a user deposits in his/her flexible account, the larger the amount he/she can successfully subscribe in the 16th PrimeEarn event.

Team up to win 40% APY for USDT deposits

Many hands make light work- you can form teams and deposit with others to obtain higher APY. Each team will be ranked based on its total deposit amount. There are three tiers based on the deposit amount — more than 10 million USDT, 1 million to 10 million USDT, and 0.1 million to 1 million USDT — the top three teams will be selected from each tier to enjoy the highest APY offered.

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Individual deposit: enjoy 20% APY for USDT deposits

Should you not wish to form teams with others, there’s also another way you can join in the event — — deposit no less than 100,000 USDT of PrimeEarn assets to win APY booster coupons and enjoy APY up to 20% for USDT deposits and 15% for ETH deposits.

Whether you form teams with others or deposit independently, please note that only the 30% of your total deposit amount will enjoy boosted APY, while the remaining 70% will enjoy original APY.

Extra rewards: APY booster coupons

If you are unsuccessful at subscribing to a deposit product during the event period, fret not, as the platform will distribute extra rewards. Each user who participates in the 16th PrimeEarn event will be able to receive two APY booster coupons (USDT+0.5%APY, ETH+0.1%APY) as a reward. These coupons can be used for flexible deposits with no cap on the deposited amount.

How to increase your odds of winning 40% APY

Subscribe to a high amount of flexible deposit assets before the event starts;
Team up with friends with deep pockets;
Wait quietly while the event is about to start; products are usually sold out within a few minutes.
To learn more about the 16th PrimeEarn event, click here. To register for the event, click here