“Humility is like a butter knife, it is present in every kitchen, but hardly anyone uses it”

photo of Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

In my experience in the world of investments and Cryptocurrencies I have witnessed many things… people who achieve small things, big things, people who maintain their way of being and people who change completely… but one of the things I’ve always seen hurt during the process of “growing as an investor” is humility.

And you will say “it is that the humble are trampled on”; well, I believe that humility is a key piece of human growth, being able to have everything in life and even so, treat the one who has less with GENUINE DESIRE TO FEEL AT HOME … and why do I highlight those words?

Because humility can be faked, but, after spending the weekend with pastors, ministers, millionaire investors and billionaires, I understood what true humility looked like.

Let me tell you a bit: I had an invitation to a private event to launch a cryptocurrency to which I see a great future and I have all the desire to join them and create great things (but I will not talk about it here); so, after taking 2 flights and arriving at the event with the invitation of its founder I found the following:

In a hotel, in the main hall, about 40 investors, ministers and pastors, with net worth ranging from 0 like me to billions, all united first in their Christian values, second in a spirit of joy and genuinely meeting you, knowing who you are and how they can be a blessing to your projects.

I met founders of online television networks (one of them offered to pray for me), I was talking with prospects to ambassadors of countries in Latin America, gold mine owners in Africa and artists; at no point did I felt inferior to them because of the honest and humble way they treated me.

I’ll keep the icing on the cake until the end

Or not, I’ll give them to you now!

I met the Second Largest Holder of BTC, and I can say with all certainty and sureness that he is more humble, humane, and kind than people who do not have even 1% of his 1%.

Why doesn’t this happen in our communities? Why do we see 50k-100k-300k and stop seeing people with the appreciation they deserve or with the humility that once characterized us?

I can accept from my own experience that having a lot of money at some point causes changes in you, but I do not call them changes, I call it “highlight the depth of your heart” because in my case only the desire to give people as before could not grow.

So, internalize this writing, are you the person you swore to be when you achieved Success? The one you’d be proud to see and meet? Or did growing up take away your humanity and replace it with a being who only thinks about money, luxuries, and profit?

This is a call to internalize and see if we are that person, we said would change the world with his steps, lest we walk around trampling people on our journey without realizing it because we do not have our feet on the Earth.

PS (I invited a soft drink to the holder #2 of btc because these things happen 1 time in life… I think that we are best friends😂)

I leave you with a passage from the Bible about humility:

“Riches, honor and life are the reward of humility and the fear of the Lord.” Proverbs 22:4 NLT1960

Another version, same text

“True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor, and a long life.” Proverbs 22:4 NLT

As always, I believe in you and your potential! I know we’ll make it!

A hug from a distance! 🫂