Human Life Is Practically Impossible When Institutions Reject The People They Are Supposed To Serve


Why should one’s existence be contingent on whether or not they are rejected by the faceless institutions that hold their fate in their palms? I need this money to survive, but one needs to answer all these silly questions, ah yes, I’ll snitch, I’ll be a good work donkey, and so on just to survive? Doesn’t that strike one as a bit odd that us commoners begin life as cheap prostitutes? People have no agency over their own bodies. Everybody is a working girl. Men included. Society is a joke. Only the rich have right to their own body. If that doesn’t make you vomit, then nothing will. Freedom isn’t something given freely. It has to be fought, struggled for, and even then, there are no guarantees. The only good communist is a dead one. They were right, because a comrade sacrifices for something greater than themselves that is worth their lives instead of letting humanity turn into faceless objects on the idea that history is over, and capitalism is just the best way to do things. That is why all our culture is dystopian and paints a very ugly world for us, because that is what will happen if we don’t U-turn this motherfucker around. Capitalism didn’t win, it just proved, and will always prove, that it is the biggest indefensible asshole. I admit, that this is a selfish desire of mine, because I am sensitive and hate to see my fellow man suffer; to lose his family house while the oligarchs get to keep their fucking banks, to see the destruction of the family unit by materialism, to see the last of our humanity hopelessly crushed and sacrificed to Mammon.

Being able to have a society that leaves people alone as long as they’re not being harmful to anyone else is pro whatever you want, because your destiny isn’t controlled by bigoted systems of control. Fate is something one has agency over instead of being neoliberal capitalism’s rag doll. For example, suppose I have very strong views on xyz identity, your ability to live the good life shouldn’t be contingent on me, let’s say for the sake of argument, a bigot, whether or not you get this money. People should have the means to a good life without having to smash themselves into tiny replaceable gears that the powers that be don’t even bother lubricating because they can simply replace one with a new one to conform to societal norms which are subject to change anyway. Let’s say one is a green skinned person, with blue hair and likes to fuck the dog. Go ahead buddy, but stay away from me. We shouldn’t have to share the same values as the ones in power. That is literally the whole point. One cannot claim to have a democracy, while having a digitized fiefdom that selects what people can and cannot see, who can and cannot earn this “money” It is a form of violence. The system should give people what they need without needing to be “accepted” by those who just so happen to own all the fucking capital, all the machinery, all the railroads, all the oil, everything, things which should be or once were state assets owned by the many into private property owned by the few. If tax is theft motherfucker, so is privatization. No privatization without representation. The fucking railroads shouldn’t be practically a mini state within a state. It is the austerity from which great evils spawn, completely lacking in the basics to have a real country based on consent not fucking senseless neoliberal rape and murder of the commons.