How We Can Create More Financial Resources


A lot of people have everything they need to create ‘more’ money or financial wealth. But unfortunately they often fail for many reasons.

One of the most common reasons is because they do not understand the principle of times and seasons for diversification and leverage that governs life and business.

For example, if a man is a carpenter and currently, there is a boom in income creation through the internet, he must look for ways to connect his ‘carpentry’ business to the internet in such a way that he can either attract more customers or diversify to create ‘more’ income directly through the internet in other ‘possible’ ways

What can he do? He can get snap shots of his works (current or past) or the works he can do and post them on the internet; online business directory, social media or personal website for people to see and, or place order as well as make referrals to him.

He can also start showing people how he does his work in a video marketing website like YouTube. This could be done in a lively or funny way with some excitement.

More so, he can learn about other ways to use the internet to turn his ‘other’ skill and knowledge to income.

There is no one way of making money online or offline. An entrepreneur must be ready to diversify his business or build multiple streams of income.

A friend of mine called out to me and expressed her deep frustration; asking what I think she should do to create more income.

She is one of the best fashion designers in the city of Abuja Nigeria. She works from home; a room in the living house with family.

She has loads of work but she could not hire more staff because of the accommodation. The work was eating her up. It was like having too much work- no rest, and also with many ‘family’ responsibilities which ‘greatly’ strained her income.

She needed an expansion — to get a good space (out of the house and hire more staff) but she lacked the finance. She had relied on several personal promises from friends and ‘wealthy’ customers to lend her funds to no avail. Some of them had ran out of money- of which she is aware of. She was down- feeling very bad.

The following were my suggestions to her.

Apply for more funding through the banks or government. This is very important and should not be overlooked. There are things that can only be achieved with external funding. Borrowing money for business is a good idea, even if your experience was bad the last time. Good business people get loans etc until they are sufficient enough. Even governments borrow money for projects. You can even talk to someone who is good in this area to do this for you or keep you in the loop on current funding opportunities.

Create a YouTube channel to teach people how to sew. Start doing a 10 to 30 minutes recorded training or live video session and post it on your channel at least once a week. Show off the new styles you have made as well.

Invest in other kinds of businesses with little or negligible amounts through trusted advice or consulting. This could be in a way of partnership in startups or one time investment etc.

Attend business events- seminars online or offline, even in your city to connect with more people of diverse disciplines, industries or experiences who may be sources of the information you need. If there are no events around you or in your city, create one or join hands with people to create one.

There are also many passive income ideas that may not add much to your workload to start by the side. The help you need could be that simple information; to lead you to create the income you need and the future you desire. Do not relent. Keep searching for more ideas and testing the ideas you have already.



PS. The main purpose of humans on earth is universal leadership. The major problem for many people (rich or poor) that makes them highly vulnerable to failure and death irrespective of good intentions, is their lack of the knowledge of how to exercise their universal leadership authority. I intend to teach you exactly how to exercise your universal leadership authority.