How to use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller on your PC

Nintendo Switch Pro a perfect controller on your PC
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It’s nearly impossible to play any video games on a PC without using a controller. This is especially true for those who play online games. Many PC gamers also use a controller as a way to communicate with their teammates and other players online.

Because Microsoft recognizes the Pro Controller as a direct input controller instead of an XInput device such as the Xbox Series, S/X, and Xbox One gamepads. So, enabling it to work with your PC games can be a hassle.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller on your computer to make it easier to play any game you choose. So keep scrolling!

Attach your Switch Pro Controller to your PC using a Wired Link

Any USB-A to USB-C cord should function with your Nintendo Switch Pro controller, though the one that came with it is the easiest option.

· The USB-A wire should be plugged into a USB port on your PC.

· Connect the USB-C end of the wire to the head of your Switch controller.

· Let Windows identify it. An auditory indication generally accompanies this technique.

· If Steam is functioning on your computer, a circle of blue light will appear all around the home button.

Set Up Steam to Work with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Some game developers will detect the Switch Pro controller once it’s connected or hooked up to your system. But Steam will ask you to activate support before it will operate with your collection of games.

· Go to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings in the Steam menu bar.

· Switch Pro Configuration Support should be enabled.

· Select Use Nintendo button configuration if you want the default Nintendo configuration. But if you want to emulate the default Xbox controller layout, leave it unchecked.

Wireless connection (via Bluetooth)

This process is simple whether your PC has built-in Bluetooth technology or you’re utilizing a Bluetooth dongle.

· To reach the Settings menu, use the Windows key.

· On the Settings page, choose the gear symbol.

· A menu with numerous options, notably devices, will appear. Select Devices.

· This will take you to a section about Bluetooth and other gadgets.

· Select “Add Bluetooth or other device” from the drop-down menu.

· This will allow you to select the type of hardware you want to connect.

· Select Bluetooth from the menu.

· You’ll need to get your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller ready to connect. A tiny sync button is provided beside the USB-C port for connecting the controller.

· Tap and hold the controller’s little sync button till you see a series of lights flashing around.

· Returning to the display, your system should identify the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as a Bluetooth device connected to the PC.

Final Verdict

It’s simple to integrate a Nintendo Switch Pro controller into your computer for PC gaming. The only stumbling block arises when you want to use it for numerous games. Steam games and non-Steam games are the two types of computer games.

The Steam client functions as a one-stop customization source for you to set up your Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and it casts these configurations across all of your Steam games.

The x360ce controller emulator customizes your controller for each game, specifically for non-Steam games. You can handle all of your gaming settings with these two methods.

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