How to Transfer Money From Your Mind into Your Bank Account

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

The first point here is that most people have the wrong perception of money in their minds. They assume that thinking about $1 million is having $1 million in your mind. Anybody can wish for a million dollars but very few know the value of a million dollars. This means, people will be dreaming of making $1 million, meanwhile $50k will solve their problem.

If I asked you much much money would it take to travel around the world, many people reading this would believe it takes being a millionaire to do that. But it doesn’t. With the right passport and proper planning, you can enjoy trips around the world earning less than $100k a year.

The number one problem of people, in this case, is that they don’t do their calculations. How much will your dream lifestyle cost you in a year? Very rarely would you find any individual reading this that their dream lifestyle costs over $500k. This is not taking into account things like buying real estate. This is just about basic living expenses.

For most families, regardless of where you live in the world, the yearly expense for your dream lifestyle is less than $1 million (assuming just 2 kids). But most people won’t be honest with themselves. So, they keep carrying this false amount of money in their head like, “if I don’t make this money, I won’t be happy”.

What Do You Want?

You have to decide what you want out of life first. Picking an abstract number and mentally clubbing yourself because you haven’t gotten there will not do you any good. What do you want? How do you want to live?

The purpose of this is not to lower your financial expectations. Don’t worry, if you want to be a billionaire, you can still get there. But you have to get very honest first about what will make you happy. This part of the exercise is to permit yourself to be happy.

If you are not happy, you won’t be able to create more abundance with ease. You first have to make it to that happy place. After getting there, then you can scale up as you wish. However, in most cases, people stop striving hard after making a few million. A rich man once said that people would tell him they want to make a billion dollars only to quit and run away after making $100 million.

Know your numbers. Know what is going to make you happy. Then, from your happy place, you can create and dazzle as you desire. But don’t start chasing the wind.

To chase a number without the proper due diligence is to chase a wind. So, the number is on your mind as just a number. It is not money. Money has some power, passion, or value backing it. Run up figures in your head, maybe because you saw something on TV or read something on Forbes, is meaningless. That is not money in your mind, that is vanity in your mind.

When Money is Really in Your Mind

Money is energy. And I teach this in my 5-day money mastery. You emit it to attract it. This means that you are not thinking about money when you are thinking in terms of what someone else has. Let me illustrate.

Take Elon Musk as an example. He is a billionaire, right? He has a couple of billions already. So, $1 billion shouldn’t be a big deal to him. So, when Elon has $1 billion in his mind, what do you assume he is thinking about? Is he thinking about $1 billion cash? Of course not!

You have a billion dollars in your mind when you have value equivalent to a billion dollars on your mind. Always remember that the US dollars and other currencies are nothing but measuring sticks. They print dollars. So, do you mean you sit up all night dreaming about printed paper?

The current economy is basically the balancing of (trade and value) logic with the printing press of the central banks. All the currencies are the products of the central banks. To desire their product out of wishful thinking is just a result of some mild brainwashing.

Money is really on your mind when you are thinking of value creation. And if that is real, you won’t care about how it is measured in US dollars. The money in your mind is the asset on your mind. The money in your mind is what you are thinking that other people think is worth their attention and money.

When money is on your mind, you can’t quantify it in dollars or any currency. If you just pick an abstract or vague amount, you water down that value. This is because you really don’t know and you have started measuring it before it is ripe.

Now, you can tell when money is really in your mind. Next, let’s talk about how to transfer it into your bank account.

How to Transfer It into Your Bank Account

This part is the easiest but it takes some time. It doesn’t happen overnight often. However, if you line up every parameter you need, it can happen very fast.

The formula is — right environment, right people, right pitch, right receiving entity

First, you want to be in an environment where such things thrive. The whole process is 70 times harder when you are in the wrong environment. So, if I am to advise any aspiring person in the world today, I will tell them that getting in the right environment should be their first priority.

Go where ideas like the ones you have thrived. Don’t try to struggle with stupid environmental factors. Play smart and get yourself in an environment where it is more likely for you to succeed. And the environment is more than just geography. But geography is a big part of it.

The next thing is people. If you are still around people who make fun of your dreams, you are not ready to turn the money into cash in the bank. Gather your “A” team. A kickass “A” team with a “C” idea will be more successful than a “C” team with an “A” idea.

You must have the people who can carry out top-notch execution of ideas and concepts. This is where the money starts to take form in the outside world. If you are patient enough and keep promoting your vision, everybody you need to make it real will walk into your experience. But you need to recognize the subtle ways they show up.

Then, you need the right pitch. It could be an investor pitch. It could be a sales pitch. It could be any kind of pitch. But the dollars will make their way into your bank account through some sort of a pitch. And you get good at pitching by pitching.

You cannot tell which pitch is going to be the money-maker. Whether it is the 30-second elevator pitch or a 2-hour presentation from the stage. It could even be a casual conversation with someone (in the right environment) without knowing that you are talking to your biggest investor.

Last but not least is the right receiving entity. You have to be smart in this world. Getting money is one thing, keeping it is another thing. You have to prepare to receive the money you want. And you must prepare the right channels to receive it.

For example, you cannot expect to win a government contract and have the money transferred into your personal account. You should have the right legal entities set up to receive the money you want.


This is how to transfer the money in your mind into your bank account. I know it looks like hard work, so you better choose the idea you turn to money carefully. Make it something that makes the journey worth it.


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