How to stage an ICO?


There have been tremendous advancements in technology, mainly fintech. As a result, a plethora of investment options have come into sight and investors are at a lack of words for choice. The investment opportunities are majorly start-ups that are seen coming up with unconventional methods and ideas that are certainly appealing to people looking to invest. One of the more innovative ways of funding a business is an ICO or Initial Coin Offering.

There are multiple businesses that have raised a lot of capital for their internal projects. ICOs, when successful, definitely have the incredible potential of bringing heavy returns for early-bird investors. Along with this, they also present an opportunity to bring about massive dividends for organising companies and other organisers. Buying ICOs is something that is not talked about often as a way of spreading the word. However, here we do.

The process of purchasing tokens during an ICO begins with registration for an ICO. Most of the projects, especially legitimate ones, have their ICO websites that clearly lay out the points of the plan, for example, their aim, their capital, their tenure, their investment, etc. this project website is generally where one registers for an ICO.

However, in order to actually participate in an ICO, one needs cryptocurrency. This sounds rather obvious, but it is better to state it than for one to offer cash or net banking for an ICO. The kind of cryptocurrency is decided by the platform of the project, which is to be adhered to if one is looking to participate in the said ICO. This cryptocurrency is to be collected in secure, safe, password-protected wallets which may be software or hardware, depending upon one’s choice. It is important to note that it is safer to have one’s personal wallet than to store it in the wallet of the exchange offering cryptocurrency.

Now, the main step remains: actually purchasing the tokens of an ICO. Once all of the above-mentioned steps are completed, one simply needs to make a transaction wherein the cryptocurrency is transferred to the project’s website. The project website also contains all the guidelines and rules regarding the entire process of investment. Again, a reminder of caution, check the website’s legitimacy and wallet address before making the transaction in question.

On completion of the transaction, the ICO tokens are to be directly delivered to one’s wallet address, which might not happen immediately. The receipt is thus received, and it is advised that the purchaser remains updated about the communications and happenings through other investors. Once the transfer of tokens is complete, the last step is to safely store them. For this, as discussed, it is advisable to have a reliable and secure wallet. For extra security, one may also invest in a hardware wallet for this purpose.

Hence, the investment and purchasing of an ICO are done and then it is up to the investor to make a choice about holding the tokens and earning dividends thereby, or trading the tokens.