How to Pick the Best Investment Firm in New Jersey


Unsurprisingly, some people tend to turn to friends or relatives when looking for investment advice or referrals, a wrong move, especially if your loved one doesn’t have substantial financial knowledge.

Besides, this approach has many disadvantages, including that when the investment crashes, it will undoubtedly affect your relationship. Many investment firms in NJ have enough expertise to help you make the best financial and investment decisions.

The following guideline will help you pick the best investment firm in New Jersey with ease.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Although there’s no perfect investment firm; however, the best investment companies focus on areas their clients find pretty important while providing quality service for the best fee as discount brokers.

Dedicated Financial Advisors

You might want to go for a full-service investment firm to enjoy the availability of a dedicated financial team and planners who understand your investment goals and will listen to all your concerns.

Support Options

A good investment firm in New Jersey provides multiple support options for their clients at any time of the day or night, seeing as advisors are often available only during business hours. So ensure you look out for this feature while choosing the best investment firm in NJ.

Reasonable Fees and Commissions

While discount brokers are cheaper to hire, you’ll pay more when working with experienced investment firms in NJ. However, if commissions or fees are on the high side, investment returns might be adversely affected by a decline in profit caused by management and trading costs.

Information Resources

At this point, it’d be best to conduct your own research to learn more about the investments the firm you intend to work with has made or is considering making.

Various Products and Investment Vehicles

The number of investment vehicles keeps increasing, so consider asking for options that round out your portfolio involving almost all types of asset classes before deciding on an investment firm.

Questions to Ask Candidates

When interviewing investment firms in NJ to make a pick, the following are some questions to ask them:

  • Do you specialize in any specific area?
  • Have you worked with people like me, and for how long?
  • Are you registered with FINRA or SEC, and in what capacity?
  • What relevant licenses and professional designations do you have?
  • What investment services and products do you propose to your clients?
  • What’s your payment plan?
  • Do you charge per hour, a commission fee, or a flat fee?
  • Besides handling my financial accounts, are you compensated in another way? If yes, how?
  • Who else in your company will manage my financial account?
  • How often do we have to meet to discuss my portfolio and any progress in my financial and investment goal?
  • Has your professional license ever been revoked?
  • Has your firm been disciplined by FINRA or SEC, a state or a federal financial regulator, or a state securities regulator?

Get the Best Investment Company in NJ on Your Side

Avoiding costly investment mistakes will ensure you enjoy overall capital preservation and portfolio growth. This is primarily the benefit of using a full-service investment firm like Mullooly Asset Management Inc rather than engaging in self-directed investing.

A dedicated financial team or advisor will focus on growing your portfolio according to your investment goals while defending you against losses. Before picking an investment firm, ensure you do adequate research, discuss various investment strategies with the companies you’re considering, and ask how your finances will be managed.

Suppose you’d want the best investment company in New Jersey by your side; Mullooly Asset Management Inc boasts of the most experienced certified financial planners in the state. With our fee-only payment plan, you don’t have to worry about us putting your interest first while helping you achieve your financial and investment goal.