How to Master This High-Income Skill

  1. Do you know what all these habits have in common?

Learn to trade.

It is the highest ROI skill you can learn.

  • Make your money work for you
  • Own your time
  • Understand yourself better

…and it’ll make you more money than your 9–5 ever could.

Setting goals is not enough.

You need powerful habits as well.

Habits that will place you in the top 1% of traders.

Which habits?

  • Marking up charts daily
  • Trading once per day, paper or real
  • Journaling your trades
  • Managing risk

But how exactly do these habits transform your trading?

1. Marking Up Charts Daily

Marking up charts helps you understand how the stock moves.

This makes it easier to trade.

Marking up charts helps with understanding:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Chart movement
  • Identifying high-quality setups

2. Trading Once Per Day

This can be paper or real but trading daily is important.

It helps you to:

  • Become comfortable with your platform
  • Avoid silly mistakes
  • Stay up to date with the charts

Most importantly, trading daily removes fear and uncertainty.

The more you do something, the more natural it becomes.

3. Journaling Your Trades

Journaling your trades is the most important aspect of trading.


  • Recognize habits, good and bad
  • Process what happened in your trade
  • Understand your emotions
  • Track your progress

Journaling your trades is the same as keeping a ledger for your business.

It will show everything you need to know.

4. Managing Risk

Trading is about protecting your capital, not making profits.

If you protect your capital, the profits will come.

Risk no more than 1% of your account per day.

It keeps your nerves calm and your money safe.

Do you know what all these habits have in common?



  • Provides structure and routine
  • Removes emotions
  • Creates calmness

It gives you everything you need to be in the top 1%.

The more familiar you are with trading, the more profitable you become.

Becoming familiar with powerful habits is boring.

But the more you focus on perfecting the boring, the quicker you will reach your goals.