How to Make $100 a day with under 100 hours of work a year

  1. Making $1000 a month with LoFi Music?

Looking for a way to supplement your income without devoting a significant amount of time? Here are 5 passive income side hustles that will make you $100 if you invest less than 100 hours of work into them.

The Math

100 hours is equivalent to 4.1 days of work. Assuming that you work 8 hours per day on these side hustles you will only need 12.5 days to finish all of the tasks, and if you only work 4 hours a day , you will only need 25 days, less than a month to achieve your goal.

Most importantly $100 a day will generate $36,500 a year ! That isn’t bad for 4.1 days of work, out of 365 days.

Whether you look at reducing your work hours, becoming financially independent or pursue passive income full-time, these will get you started in no time.

The E-Book

This is my favourite method, I have written two e-books in French on how to use Wordpress for non-technical users.

The first e-book took me 10 hours to write. The e-book covers how to create a professional website for SMEs.

The second e-book took me 9 hours to write and covered how to optimise and secure Wordpress websites. The ebook details extensions and techniques that one can use to validate the security of their website.

Both have been selling on Amazon, Saxo and Kobo. To sell the book, you don’t even need your own website. You could sell it on Etsy or Gumroad, for example.

Count: The books bring me on average $16 a day, that is $5840 a year for

The Music

I wrote about my music business and how I make close to $1000 a month with it here

I initially created 17 songs for my first album, that took me an average of 1.5 hours per song or 25.5 and about 1 hour to create the logo, and upload the songs onto the right platform and starts generating income.

In total this took me 27 hours, and it generates on average $35 per day after one year from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.


19h (E-books) + 27h (Music) = 46 Hours

$16 (E-Books) + $35 (Music) = $51/day or $18,615/year

Stock and Cryptocurrencies

Stock investing has grown extremely popular among private investors. People are increasingly investing in stocks rather than in low-interest banks.

Stock investing can be a great strategy to generate passive income. Personally, I’ve invested in several stocks over the last year and currently own over 15 different stocks and ETFs.

This took me about 2 hours and I invested $1000 in various ETFs from Vanguard and NASDAQ stocks.

I also took me about 3 to 4 hours researching up and coming cryptocurrencies and invested another $1600 into them.

In total it took me 6 hours to invest, with a cost of $2600 however over 1 year, I have a 46% return of investment across the board i.e. $1196 or $3.2 / day

Over time, if you continuously invest in stocks, you can build up a significant residual income. Look for providers allowing for good dividend as well. Dividend stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies are excellent for generating passive income.

I strongly advise you to conduct your homework before investing in the stock market. It can be cruel at times, particularly during difficult times. Just keep in mind that equities have historically risen, so if yours begin to fall, don’t panic.


19h (E-books) + 27h (Music) + 6h (Investment) = 52Hours

$16 (E-Books) + $35 (Music) + $3.2 (Investment) = $54.2/day or $19,811


NFT has exploded in popularity over the previous six months, with many people making large sums of money. Some NFTs have been sold for more than $30,000. NFTs can be purchased and sold on marketplaces such as

I created 3 NFTs portfolios, these took me about 25 hours to generate in total.

My first collection didn’t sell a single NFT sadly.

My second collection sold 3 NFTs for over $500 each = $1500

My third collection sold 231 NFTs for over $19.99 each = $4617.69

That is $6117.69 for 25h however, bear in mind that each collection has over 1000 items each


19h (E-books) + 27h (Music) + 6h (Investment) + 25h (NFT) = 77Hours

$16 (E-Books) + $35 (Music) + $3.2 (Investment) + $17 = $71/day or $25,928.69


I have a clothes drop shipping business that I created over 2 years ago. It took me about 20 hours to get it up and running.

I used the pictures of the clothes provided by the initial sellers and opened a shopify website in under 20 minutes. Uploading the pictures and configuring the website took me another 2 hours, however most of the time was spent on finding the clothes I wanted to sell.

At the end of the day, I make a profit of around $14 per day out of selling clothes.


19h (E-books) + 27h (Music) + 6h (Investment) + 25h (NFT) + Drop shipping = 97Hours

$16 (E-Books) + $35 (Music) + $3.2 (Investment) + $17 + $14= $85/day or $31,039

How short

As you can see, within 97h, I managed to generate an income of $85/day which is close the $100. There are many aspects of these that could be optimised and increase the revenue, however, those are side hustles and I have never taken the time to optimise them.

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