How to invest in DAO Real Estate with little money

  1. Lizard Space Ape NFT or a Multifamily rental unit?
  2. How DAO real estate investing works

Being a landlord in America has been and still is one of the best ways to create long term wealth. The only problem is that you need significant capital to get into the game. The golden era of acquiring real estate on the cheap is over with prices inflated for decades. We all know someone (probably much older) that purchased prime real estate for 100k or less in a prominent city and hopefully they’ve held until now. If they did, they are most likely… wealthy. Crypto is changing the game — behold DAO Real Estate Investing.

Just because prices are high and that fact that you need significant capital to purchase property shouldn’t prevent you from getting into the game. We’re here to share with you a way to get in with little bits of cash that accumulate over time.

Lizard Space Ape NFT or a Multifamily rental unit?

That is literally the question.

We’re not knocking NFT’s.. in fact we embrace the technology and some people have made TONS of money in NFT’s. Problem is, it’s hard to value these types of assets. It’s more of a lottery ticket buying an art based NFT and hoping that artist blows up or goes viral making you a nice return. With millions of artists out there competing, it is becoming harder and harder to earn the big bucks from Art based NFT’s.

Real Estate on the other hard is really scarce…. and with REAL PHYSICAL Real Estate is converted to an NFT and broken down into multiple shares as low as $50. Buying this NFT Real Estate Share will give the you the same benefits as if you bought the entire property yourself, except in smaller units. What we mean by that is you will collect Rental Income and share in the appreciation of the property.

How DAO real estate investing works

DAO Real Estate Investing is simple and anyone can get involved with little capital. Buyers of the DAO shares will become actual owners of the Property as soon as they purchase into the DAO. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization — meaning, there is no “leader” of the Investment Group. All DAO holders are the leaders, and they get to vote on every event that will decide the fate of the property. For example, if a unit or dwelling needs fixing, the DAO share owners will vote which vendor to choose and what they want to fix. The DAO share owners will also collect rent when tenants pay, and if the price of the property appreciates significantly, all of the DAO share holders must vote to sell. is the largest Real Estate DAO Investment developer in the crypto space.