How to Evolve and Profit while doing Charities in the Era of Blockchain?


An advanced version of Netflix on Blockchain, restructuring the traditional entertainment industry, profiting from an exclusive investment opportunity, and contributing to the global community’s betterment.

Evolve and profit while doing charities in the era of blockchain with Celoken. #celkforchange

In this new era of Blockchain, technology is transforming everything, from transactions to football fans club. Blockchain has grabbed the attention of all industries, even the celebrity world. Whist many celebrities are hyping cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the Celoken Team sees it as an exceptional trigger point to evolve the whole entertainment industry by utilizing Blockchain.

To transform the centralized and obscure entertainment industry, the Celoken aims to involve the community in celebrity productions, where we can voice our opinion and have governance over our entertainment. With the native currency of the Celoken Platform — CELK, you can participate in an MV’s cast selection process, make decisions on the plot of a TV series, and much more.

Of course, the Celoken is not only about celebrity projects, it is also a new investment gateway and a way to give back to the global community.

CELK is the first cryptocurrency that can be invested in a particular entertainment production. Traditionally, your choice was limited to investing in an entire entertainment agency. With CELK, you can now expand your option to investing in a specific production that you see the most potential, an investment opportunity nowhere else can be found.

What’s better? You are making profits while doing charities. Your investment with the Celoken Platform contributes to making this world a better place. 50% of the Celoken will go to charities, to support people in need, promote equality, combat discrimination, and foster education.

Check out the 4 key components of Celoken Platform below. Join the Celoken, seize the moment, and usher in a new era of decentralized power.

· Celebrity Project Pool — engage in and profit from exclusive Celebrity Projects (CProj)

· CTK Trading — trade Celebrity Tokens (CTK) against CELK/ CTK of other projects according to your interest and will

· Staking Pool — yield more by sharing CELK’s profit

· Marketplace — trade all types of NFTs related to celebrities and entertainment productions

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