How to double x2 your cryptocurrency mining

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It is possible to double your mining profitability, thanks to a technique called MERGED MINING.


Merged Mining

Merged Mining is a technique that has been implemented by the “FLUX” project and is currently only available on this project.

Merged Mining is a technique that aims to reward miners, as they are the ones who support the network from the beginning.

So Merged Mining is available for FLUX cryptocurrency mining but also FLUX Masternode.


When this was validated on the FLUX network, it brought in 150 FLUX. It was split 75% for the miners and 25% for the Masternode, except that following an update that was wanted by the whole team community. This imbalance was reduced to 50:50 so that the miners were only getting 50% and not 75%.

So there was a loss of profitability, and that’s when the team behind the FLUX project came up with the idea of implementing Merged Mining.

A kind of bonus to compensate for the loss of profitability of miners, and there we notice right away that there is a very big difference in the approach to mining precisely in their case.

If we take, for example, the case of Ethereum, which aims to become Ethereum 2.0 and has in quotes to get rid of these miners, they are the ones who made Ethereum what it is today.

Here is the FLUX project, but it is also valid for other projects. It aims to develop its minor community and continue to reward it for getting involved and developing the project.

So it’s no better or worse. It’s just that we can see that we have a very different approach where we have projects that seek to ban mining or to get rid of it, while we have other projects that seek to promote it and encourage it.

And how to increase this profitability, simply by rewarding the miners in addition to the Miner flows, but with the ‘Parallel Assets’ of the FLUX network

What are ‘Parallel Assets’?

The famous “Parallel Assets”, FLUX KDA, FLUX ETHEREUM, FLUX BSC are FLUX encapsulated on a different Blockchain.

That is to say that ETHEREUM FLUX is FLUX encapsulated on the ETHEREUM Blockchain.

A KDA FLOW is a FLUX encapsulated on the KDA Blockchain.

You have understood the principle, be careful that it is not pure ETHEREUM or pure KDA.

When you are going to mine FLUX, you will get FLUX and ETHEREUM FLUX or KDA FLUX ext, but you are not going to get ETHEREUM or KDA.

So of the Parallel Assets, there are a total of 10, and for the moment, we know half of them: FLUX KDA, FLUX ETHEREUM, FLUX BSC, FLUX TRX, and FLUX alone.

So each time you mine FLUX, you will get 1/10 of each “‘Parallel Assets” “ and the calculation is very simple for 1 FLUX mine you get 10% of each “‘Parallel Assets” “ so there is a total of 10 “ Parallel Assets” 10 x 10 = 100% you double your profitability of mining.

And if we were to summarize this in a few words, well, you can see it as a bonus that doubles your mining profitability and in practice, how it happens is extremely simple. The first thing to do is to mine the FLUX because, as I said, the “Merged Mining” is only available on this network for the moment.

Then you have to bet on one of the two pools that distribute these famous “Parallel Assets.

1 — Flux Pools
2 — MinnerPool

The other pools do not distribute these ‘Parallel Assets’.

When you go to the mining pools, you will see “‘Parallel Assets”, where you will be able to see the KDA FLUX, the ETHEREUM ext FLUX that you have mined and that are waiting for payment.

Please note that for the moment, the pools will automatically transform your KDA flows and ETHEREUM flows into pure flows, i.e. you will be paid inflows directly.

So you will not see in your wallet any KDA FLUX, ETHEREUM FLUX ext
For the moment, all the mined FLUX all the ‘Parallel Assets’ are transformed into pure FLUX and are added to your total FLUX balance

And also, I would like to specify that for the moment, the mining pools make the payments of its various FLUX that has very precise dates. That is to say, no matter what your minimum payout is, you will all be paid on the same date.