How to create a space for productivity


I’m either super productive or super unproductive, and that often depends on where I am and what my surroundings are. I can work well in a coffee shop and a library, but not so well at my dining room table. I’m productive in my office and less productive when I’m working in my bedroom, which is a shame because I love working from my bedroom.

My career and degree are based entirely around my own ability to be productive. I don’t have many deadlines imposed for my writing, and only a few imposed for my degree. My lessons are online, and my pitches and queries are my responsibility. It is down to me to be productive and get to where I need to be.

So how do I create a space where I can work and be productive?

I’m lucky to have an office/library space to work from when I am able and I have almost completely transformed it from a music studio (as it was before I moved in) into a space I love working in. There were five things that I did to create this space and my hopes are, that by sharing them with you, I can help inspire more creative spaces.

1. Surrounded myself with things I love

I’m a writer, reader, and humanities student. My first choice of décor was books. I have an extensive vintage and antique book collection, which are either on the shelves surrounding my desk or on my desk. I also keep my poetry collection and any books related to the subjects I’m studying near to me as well, as this helps motivate me.

I also have some beautiful pen pots and vases, mainly detailing the female form. There is something so beautiful about these to me and I can always be found looking for more. My notebook collection joins me on my desk and my candles rest on my grandfather’s piano. It is a dark academia dream spot.

2. Created a reading space

I know that my life looks different to many people, but this reading space revolutionises my reading habits. One of my rules is to not use this space to look at my phone at all and to only concentrate on the book in my hand. This helps me concentrate more and also makes sure that I am completing my physical book TBR, rather than just reading all my kindle romances all the time.

3. Snacks, tea, and coffee

I have a mini fridge in my workspace, as well as shelves for my kettle and mugs. During the winter it gets very cold in here and I often drink 4 or more hot drinks while I’m doing lessons or writing late into the night. Snacks keep my blood sugar up during the day, especially when I’m working hard.

4. A comfy chair

I’m not joking, this is a must. I have a gamers chair because it’s more comfortable and it has saved me on more than one occasion from having back, shoulder, and hip aches after being in the same position for several hours.

5. A quiet space

While I love working in coffee shops and libraries, nothing beats the quiet solitude of my office. Sometimes I’m just too distractible and I need to be in a space with no distractions — my office is one such space. I can close the door on the rest of the world and just work for as long as it takes me to get what needs to be done, done.

Setting up a good space for work is an important aspect of being a freelancer and a remote worker. Without my space, I probably wouldn’t be as productive as I am and I definitely wouldn’t be taking all the necessary steps toward building my career.